Wednesday, July 1, 2009

hungarian dance no.5 (:

lol i was sleeping and the stupid mosquito bite on my forehead and was buzzing around my ear . omgg i thought it was a pimple lol soo big . but now its gone la . soo i got annoyed and called nicholas . haha the dude is crazy he wakes up at 5:30 every morning so i wasn't disturbing him . haha about 7 my bro woke up with a bad mood soo he was screaming and i doubt i can sleep with it soo i continued to talk for 3 hours . lol actually till now I'm still talking to him . quite crazy .

now i have ugly eye bags lol he has mountain of eye bags but i think mine is worst . I'm thinking of going to the gym cause I'm fat . roughly in the evening due to the contruction workers and bike is dead soo i doubt I'm gonna walk .

oh yea 2 days ago i played with my bro super rub a dub is a duck game lol in the ps3 haha you know those demo's . it was soo funny but stupid laa . I'll post the pictures later . nowadays though i havent been productive but i did try to stretch a couple of times to gain back my flexibility . the pictures that I'm using are old ones cause I'm not download the news ones now soo enjoy (:

look at the heart shape its soo cute (:

i was bored btw xD


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