Monday, July 6, 2009

i want you , dont let go !

yesterday !

well i went for my orchestra meeting well i didnt actually had to come but i went anyways and missing cheer 2009 . lol i bet it must have been fun but well u need to make some sacrifises right ? then later my dad brought my mom and i to tanjong sepat lol and sungai pelik xD weird sungai . was laughing bout that one . well practically went there cause he had some bussiness meeting so we had our dinner there one short and came back around 9:30 ?

today my dad had an interview over at the house lol and he pulled me in . soo embarassing cause i was with my house clothes & just wanted to eat . at it seems that it will be appearing this coming monday on tv3 . i advise no one watch this . so not telling you guys the time either . haha other than that my life so far is kinda boring just waiting for the orientation day on thursday and friday (:

xoxo's !

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