Friday, October 31, 2008

my dreams flushed away

gosh i love this dress . hmmmm TT but cant get it . gorgeous isn't it ?
yesh someone out there . who really cares about me . well not care but care to see me in it :D
can get me this dress . haha in my dreams
i know its nice . but I'll nvr get to wear it anyways .
sad face *

my parents aren't willing to get me this dress . yeshhh .
well it is kinda costly . though
rm ... . 00
whoever really loves to see me in this dress again in person
will know the price :D

sad sad sad . its nice but i cant have it .
hmmmph ! anyways I'm with my cousin
she'll be staying with me for awhile .

well my last year . sadly . got some of you to sign my shirt .
i might think about wearing it on Monday next week .
if i have the guts to .

well i cant believe everyone is leaving me and I'm doing the same .
this might be one of my last weeks in srikl as a student
i will visit .
but its whether you guys still want me there
anyways i hope I'll get to go for prom and see you guys there .

well nights ! . xoxo

Monday, October 27, 2008

a day on the beach

there are the pictures after a long time xD on john's birthday ! :P and sorry guys i didnt go to midvalley with you . parents didnt let at the last minute =.=' no transport anyways i still wanna watch High School Musical 3 :P . dont laugh cause i know you would watch it too . lol

prita & karen

dummy , tze wei & eelin

me and eelin

birthday boy ! ( john ) finally 15
birthday boy cuts the cakee ! yumm
happy family

me and john ( i know i look funny ) dont laugh

prita , eelin and i

and i would want to wish ZAQIR HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ! sorry didnt manage to wish you on the day itself . got a little too busy . haha but anyways good luck in your O'levels yeaa :P
i gtg . i might blog later . well just came back from melaka last night and im gonna do stuff with my cousin :P . hehe too bad . i will skip this week of school but dont worry i'll be back next week yea . dont miss me to much . lol . im out ! byeee

Friday, October 24, 2008

a way to tell that yo momma is ugly .

i was just bored soo this is what happens when yo mama is ugly . xD ( no offence to all mothers ) its just some jokes i got .

Yo momma so ugly she tried to take a bath the water jumped out!

Yo momma so ugly when she joined an ugly contest, they said "Sorry, no professionals."

Yo momma so ugly she looks out the window and gets arrested!

Yo momma so ugly just after she was born, her mother said "What a treasure!" and her father said "Yes, let's go bury it."

Yo momma so ugly they push her face into dough to make monster cookies.

Yo momma so ugly they didn't give her a costume when she tried out for Star Wars.

Yo momma so ugly when she walks down the street in September, people say "Damn, is it Halloween already?"

Yo momma so ugly the government moved Halloween to her birthday.

Yo momma so ugly she gets 364 extra days to dress up for Halloween.

Yo momma so ugly people go as her for Halloween.

Yo momma so ugly she made an onion cry.

Yo momma so ugly she turned Medusa to stone!

Yo momma so ugly that when she sits in the sand on the beach, cats try to bury her.

Yo momma so ugly she scares the roaches away.

Yo momma so ugly when she walks into a bank they turn off surveillance cameras

Yo momma so ugly her face was on fire and I had to use a snow shovel to put it out.

anyways wanna wish happy birthday to zhou wei ! sorry might not come for the party . haha and don't merajuk . lol . well today kinda suck cause i didn't go out and we were suppose to watch high school musical 3 LOL . well i spend nearly the whole day in the work shop just to teman my mother to send her car for service .


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

everything became all right when you were there beside me

another ending to what i was suppose to believe in . my promise to myself . no more till i find the right one . and not just any other . don't know why some people are piss at me . well it wasn't my fault . i didn't ask for this . though it was short . well maybe it wasn't meant to be . sometimes i wonder how i can get myself into these kind of messes . hmmm come to think of it .

i know what you all must be thinking . whether i have a problem at this . now lets not look at that . things will change and nothing will be the same nor does it last forever . so I'll be continuing my life as it suppose to be . well i bet god is setting up lots of surprises for me . before i turn 16 .

well lets change the subject . gosh it was really boring in school well the good thing is that i got my phone back . well at least today wasn't all that bad . then watch a very boring movie . then went home . i ate cotton candy . and now blogging . i don't believe that i will be saying this but thanks mr.tan for my phone . if not i will be waiting for another 10 days for it . and i don't think i can wait that long .

there goes my dignity . haha oh well i don't understand myself sometimes so i don't expect you people to really understand me . I'm just weird i guess xD . anyways i don't think i will be coming to school cause i will be making cookies with my mom . so enjoy guys !

Monday, October 20, 2008

mama mia !

Dont go wasting your emotion ,
lay all your love on me .

i love this line . it was one of the songs sang in mama mia ! :P
haha i watched it today with my mom . it was nice . not bad .
i just fine that part of the movie nice . haha the rest was great but thats the best

well to me .

hmmm whoever it is that send a post in my chatterbox . thanks . it meant alot knowing that i have friends that i can count on . well i know i do but at least now I'm sure of it .
sorry haven't been posting any pictures or anything . as you all know i don't have my phone
so cant take any pictures . but I'll try my best to get them .

well so far i only got one . lol from that day at sunway during our first outing after pmr . :) haha you'll have to live with it for awhile . so must i .
yesterday i went a lil bit of shopping . well for clothes and food :) lol . then i ended up in cold storage looking for food . while i was picking out an ice cream flavour . suddenly a guy in green was coming closer and closer well it didnt bother me until he was like inches away from me LOL . xD then as i turn i was shocked kinda said omg 3 times . haha it was brandon it seems haha . he thinks I'm gonna be fat after drinking all the chocolate , starbucks and after seeing me picking out the ice cream . LOL btw i am making apple crumble pie . that's the reason why i was picking out the ice cream . that's all .

good night ! xoxo

Saturday, October 18, 2008

bad and good

i got breaking dawnn!! :D LOL oh yea and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN !
today was okay i went to sunway in the morning to look for gifts and at the same time bought some stuff for myself . LOL . then later in the afternoon i went to john's little party . well not really a party but it was okay . then later lin , prita and i went shopping a little here and there . but the others went bowling then to the arcades . later on we went to john's house and we prank call ppl ;D pretty funny actually . and to lin dear . i hope you get to work your problems out . im here for you if you need me kay . :)
btw ppl my phone is still confisicated . i hope i can get my phone back . cause i really miss it . TT and its really annoying when i got all the phone numbers there and i cant call ppl . yeshh . anyways besides that at least i manage to live 2 days without my precious phone . its my baby and it will be kept for 2 BLOODY WEEKS DAMN IT !
i will repost this post again to show some pictures of my day . though i have to get it from my friends . you all will have to wait . :) haha thats all for today ! good night xoxo !

Friday, October 17, 2008

bring it on !

haha PMR IS OVER ! but somehow im not as happy cause my phone has been confisicated so please people . im sorry if i dont answer . all cause mr.chew says its a rule . so annoying . seriously . its not even a rule if you look in the rule book . yesh . then they are gonna keep it for 2 weeks . if they loose it i tell you they are so dead .

that just ruins the whole pmr is over mood . people please leave your numbers at the chatterbox . as in the ones i talk to . then at least i can use my house phone or somethin . i went to sunway today with friends . guess what we watched . xD eagle eye was cool and the house bunny was pretty funny . i think i was laughing throughout the whole movie .

later we were walking around sunway looking for gifts but it didnt work cause nobody agreed with each other . so yea . lunch was pretty awkward between my friends and i cause i really didnt expect bikini to come . then the others were just staring . haha . well at least the promise was kept . anyways . i actually cant sleep thats why im blogging this late . so trying to find something to do to make me sleep .
anyways good luck in exams to the other forms :) haha i feel so free , but i wonder what i'll be doing . gd night ! xoxo

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

open your eyes and see what you've done

so far pmr has been not that bad . and i thought it would be worst . tomorrow is my last paper and goodbye exams for awhile xD . tomorrow is geo so i think it should be okay . i will also be going out with my friends to sunway ! . haha finally after soo long im free ! LOL . this is what happens when i have been kept at home for more than 2 months

Sunday, October 12, 2008

let faith lead the way .

haha back again . tomorrow PMR . hmmm now i cant decided what i want . thinking and thinking . I'm not sure if they would wait for my answer till pmr is over cause i really cant decided now . prom prom prom . i will have to accept and reject someone . well hopefully the right choice .
I'm gonna have to go prom shopping . :) my last year . its gonna end soon TT i have to say goodbye to everyone . well this must be the best years of my high school life . nothing will spoil it and if anything is stopping me from achieving what I'm trying to do . i will find other ways .
anybody interested to go prom shopping with me and lin after pmr ? contact me :)
don't wanna go with her alone . it wont be as fun .& to those that i care f0r . i hope you'll go for prom as well . i want to spend each and every moment i can with everyone here . though i know some of you guys wanna go when your form 5 but i hope you would go for me . well one of my last time I'll be seeing you guys in a while . i will visit and that's a promise :)
anyways gotta sleep and wake up early tomorrow . i would want to wish those who are taking pmr . goodluck ! :D
nights ! xoxo !

Friday, October 10, 2008

pmr Pmr pMr pmR PMR !

this sucks . my life is like a book . lets take for example twilight . I'm only going through the bad side . though my bf's aren't vampire's or warewolves but just the story line . haha i bet those who knows me really well will be going . oh there she goes on with her twilight book . haha the story is nice to read but not nice to go through . if you know what i mean . pmr is just 2 days away . and I'm still blogging . LOL I'm so dead . I'm just worried for bm 2 . wonder if I'll do well . this is just scary .

i hope this week will pass soon . anyways look at the bright side . i will get to see prita again . haha i will burn my midnight oil :D right lin . hopefully it works . I'm quite confused with what anyone wants right now . I'm not sure what i want either . its like i want it but at the same time i don't . i cant make up my mind now . but hopefully after pmr i will get to solve my problems that are haunting me . anyways i gtg study again . later xoxo !

lin remember this LOL :D

help me and save me from myself

whats wrong with everybody . yeshh . idk what to say . its just damn pissin off . trying to run away when it keeps on coming back . maybe its just my problem . who knows . i don't think i can trust anybody anymore . looking at who the person really is . just annoys me .

well later i was walking back to school with pei and lin . and there was guys in a van waving and trying to take pictures of us which is pretty scary . after that we walked really fast to school . later i was studying and its so stupid cause it didn't really worked . well it worked when oooshi was teaching me . then later is when everybody came thinking its like some kind of party .

maybe im just pmsing . stupid hormones . i feel so angry today and i don't know why . so I'm sorry to those i might hurt or think of me badly . cause it seems like everything is annoying me today . and i just don't know how to hide it . lastly i want to wish my mommmy happy birthday .

happy birthday kam ! ( mommy ) LOL

i don't have the pictures yet . and today will be my last day blogging till friday comes when i can scream and say I'm free .

so you people will just have to wait :P .

see yea nights ! xoxo

Saturday, October 4, 2008

things cannot get better than this

well yesterday was a bummer . i wont be blogging for awhile . cause im loosing my mood . anyways im gonna change . change to a whole new lead . people has always taught of me differently . but im gonna prove them all wrong you'll see . now that i realised what i've become . im gonna do whats right for me and everyone else . you might be wondering why suddenly i am this way . cause i finally manage to open my eyes . to see what or who i really am .

with that . i hope you'll like the new me . i will still blog , but in time . not now . anyways i wish those who are taking pmr and spm goodluck and do your best ! . gtg now . later .


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


people meet spongebob ! spongebob meet people ! :D
i got him in bangsar village . :) there was spiderman too .
but i prefer SPONGEBOB ! haha i sound like a small kid
anyways he is so cute ! i cooked it myself . but it looks funny
so i don't think i wanna post it . but i can show you how it looks like
before that :) . after that is just study study and more study .
hmmm i just found the spongebob interesting today . LOL
don't laugh

GARY the snail



determination to make spongebob

go spongebob !

all of them together !
last but not the least PATRICK !
i will be going out tonight . well I'm not sure where I'm going . but i might update later.
I'll be back ! my dad is bugging me to study again .
bye !


happy birthday myra !
your officially 15 . ( after so long ) :)

at least today is different than the other days . i went to bangsar village with my mom . got some stuff and we are gonna have barbecue tonight ! . (this is among my family) after that i went to one datuk's house , he's one of my dad's friends , to EAT . omg he was trying to make me sing xD . i was so shy . lol i cant imagine if my voice was bad . all the windows will crack .

I'm not sure cause I'm not a great singer . and these are some people I'm not comfortable singing in front of . anyways later they tried to get me to play the piano . well thank god we had to leave after that . but they were telling me " next time you'll sing for us okay ? " i replied " sure " in my thoughts ( never! ) . haha then got home change . gave philippe a call . then here i am :)

should have took some pictures but anyways . I'll update my pictures soon . hope he'll call me tonight. which i think he will . and you know what ? my speakers are dead . means no more music well just for a while but still . i was trying to get my mom to get me new ones but no . she was saying she's tired and my brother was complaining .

now i have to use my earphones . :( oh well . school is gonna start soon . and pmr will come . dum dum dummmm!!! . i gotta study now . see yea . xoxo ciao !

~ go cyrens ~

~ my little self ~

~ before my sprain ankle ~