Sunday, July 19, 2009

My wish for you !

Hey darlings ! haha yesterday was really tiring after walking and my sore arm isnt giving much help either . i got a couple of stuff for school (: hehe anyways today was practically the day i did all my homework , i started from 12 till 4 ? gosh its super long and due to my cacated arm soo it took me longer to type. i wrote this for english when i was still taking the course . it might not mean anything cause it took me 5 mins to write . im suppose to describe the object or place but im not suppose to say what it is. i made mine pretty obvious (:

okay you know what it might sound stupid but anyways im showing you the 5 min done poem. not sure if it even make sense ?

The heat in the atmosphere ,
Makes that cold air disappear ,
It's waters reflecting the blue sky ,
And the sound of voices passing by ,
Shells that were left beside its waters ,
Filled of life with critters ,
When darkness arise ,
Changing it's blue skies ,

The crashing sounds continues ,
While everything is silent .

xoxo's !

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