Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i live to inspire !

i had such a great time at the MTV World Stage .. maybe its because of the company ? (: but i still enjoyed it at the end ... sometimes you have to let yourself go then come back to reality .. at first i thought all of this is gonna affect me but i realized that you've been out of my life for awhile , so what difference would it be if it might be for a longer period of time ?

i can control how i feel and how to fix myself up because there's gonna be alot of people out there thats gonna put me down .. but just moving forward is the best way since life is short .. i cant please everyone if they just choose to hate me from the start so i shall quietly live my life and get the most out of it (:

i cant change the past nor predict the future, but be in the present .. it's all up to you and how you wanna take it .. and i believe to a certain extend we choose what the outcome is gonna be and if love is out there it will find its way back ..

off to gain some knowledge !!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

i've lost you

people told me not to bother , try to put it in a box and throw it away .. but that is running away from the problem than facing it .. i choose to face the bull and i guess i got my answer .. no matter what i say you wouldnt believe anyway ... it wasnt me alone who said it and i dont see you having a problem with her .. i think there was something more to it that your not telling me .. well i may never find out at this point .. i speak nothing but the truth .. i dont go lying to my parents if you really want to compare ... and you accuse me of lying ?

i'm just speechless to this point .. the only reason why you felt it was because you know you have done it .. its not called "bitching" my friend its just the truth .. your afraid of the truth and you know your at the wrong but its alright thats how we learn is it not ? we're humans and we always make mistakes and i get that , but the thing is your not admitting it but pin pointing it to me .. yes might be wrong of me to write it down but its all how i feel about things .. i did not exaggerate on any point but exactly to what happen ..

i wished it not to end this way or not end at all , we practically grew up together and well i guess we can grow apart as well .. we're not kids anymore but i wonder where it all went .. whatever i did was wrong and never right in your eyes .. so i dont think i need to prove anything to you if you choose to be this way ..

i'm sorry if i have ever caused harm