Friday, July 3, 2009

tongue - tied !

my life lies in you ,
nothing but the feeling
it cant be as perfect
but there's something there ...

hehe well got bored . anyways i went to maz today (: lol i told you i'd visit . haha later went back home and went for my violin & piano classes . got home about 2 hours later and practice more . truly im inspired , nothing more can express the feeling . im willing to sacrifice my time and putting effort into it . you'll see , once im determine nothing can stop me (:

lol zhou wei was being pretty lame in msn (:

zhouwei. says:
zhou rina wei !
rina says:
zhou rina wei ho xD
mine's better

zhouwei. says:
call me gordon

rina says:

i cant find it , its hidden & locked
shut tight , nothing will stop me from opening it
for the eyes to see what it was missing (: ...


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