Wednesday, July 22, 2009

lets run away from here (:

sorry i havent been blogging for awhile , was really busy with my homework that i wanted to finish and i didnt even had time to practise my violin. now i'm currently in school waiting for my next period. we did yoga yesterday for pe and earlier just now we did our fitness test soo yeaa. nothing much has changed but i really want to watch transformers & harry potter !! gahhh !! i knoww its a must watch movie but instead i watch ice age twice !! . soo frustrating . :(

oh yeah get well soon markk !! (:

the poor guy is sick and didnt come to school todayy.

oh and to my ducky !! wesley get well soon (:

is love that feeling

that tingles in your body

the many beats of the heart,

when my eyes meet yours it felt like infinity

but when its gone its nothing but a feeling

how can you judge if this is love or hate?

cause you made my days special

and thats why its love

later loves

xoxo's !

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