Thursday, July 2, 2009

paganini caprice no.24 !

i wonder how long i can stay this way you know with the whole me staying at home forever doesn't sound promising . parents usually says we're doing this cause we love you and sometimes i don't know whether to feel good or bad about it . lol i want half half xD haha I'm kidding .

this is hilary han (:

ohh i went to the gym didn't really do much cause there were people hogging the machines and you know what they were doing for 1 hour ? walking on the tread mill goshh . im now addicted to my violin due to someone . lol im like listening to violin concerto's and all haha but this one isnt bad . sorry cause im not too sure how to upload the video but this is the link

its super cool well they got skills . haha ima music freak now . i woke up early because dad thinks i need to get ready for school next week by waking up early every morning from now on so yea .

i still havent watch transformers yeshh !!
i know great movie and all
im waiting for the seats to be available
and with friends (:
for those who havent watch it yet
or if your willing to watch again its fine with me

anyways i gtg collect my uniform from school so later (:


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