Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i'm at the edge of my emotions ...

school has been productive not only for my school work but as well as working out all my fats away (: teehee slowly trying to pick up cheer and to be flexible once again , just missed it so much . this semester is suppose to be the better than the previous one but its getting sucky with all the new retarded rules that just doesnt make sense really . they are getting strict as it is that makes me want to graduate from school soon ):

im picking up all my stunts once again , now my objective is to do a split , walkover , and flips (: these are one of the few that i have to make sure i become successful in that sense as well in my studies but it shouldnt be a problem :D


Sunday, July 18, 2010

honey bee (:

havent been posting up much cause practically was just too caught up with assignments , anyways this week was pretty good went out to pav . Watched toys story i'll give it a 5/10 and had an awesome time (: . though i didnt managed to get the shirt i wanted so badly from zara but well maybe its just not meant for me .

i passed my driving theory exam and now i got my L (: watch out ! im gonna be on the road soon ! woohooo (: school has just been so tiring since i took up pe again . i would just fall asleep at 10 the most . cant even stay up anymore which is a good thing

xoxo's !

Friday, July 9, 2010

just like a waving flag !

finished my violin exam !! :D as well as went to the gym nowadays .. i thought i might just loose everything but well something just changed me . let's see where this life will lead me . i may not be able to choose between you but im sure in time i'll figure it out (: school is gonna start ! watch out :P urge for CHOCOLATES !


Monday, July 5, 2010

me and my toys ;)

had a pretty productive day (: i went to the gym spent bout 2 and a half hours there , i guess i used my time fully :D and i made my apple crumble pie !! i havent been making it for a super long time till i have forgotten how to make it in the first place but its successful .cleaned up some part of the basement since of all my childhood junk and treasures that we plan to keep and throw away some unused stuff . and surprisingly its majority 80% toys .

LOL shows how much toys i used to have . most of them dont work anymore but there are still some that can still be used . it was sad really throwing the toys that i used to play with its like every toy i picked has memories that comes along with it but i cant use most of it anymore and if i were to keep it its gonna collect dust . i miss my childhood life , as life was so carefree and i just felt like on the top of the world .

geez turn back time when life wasnt this complicated !! :O well the life i have now its fine but there's alot to take care as well the responsibilities that has to be carried out . hmmm :S


Saturday, July 3, 2010

i'm right here ...

its just the same as any other day but this time is a little bit different (: went to maz idol yesterday , i have nothing much to say really .. i do miss some of my friends but other than that its my past that i never regret leaving . its probably one of the best decisions i've made rather than staying there . yea being where i am today may be expensive and thats why i feel that i have learn so much and i value everything my parents gives or allows me t0 pursue certain things

they may not see the value but i do , yes money is valuable to . its like i'm being left in the middle to be judge all the time . well i expected more in school but for now its just my mom . i love her so much , but it just gets annoying at times but i dont blame her either . i cant expect everything to be given to me and have everything i wanted , but i will make sure i'll make the best out of it .

xoxo's !