Monday, July 13, 2009

i would be nothing without you !

today was my first day of school ! (: lol was pretty excited with everything . well the subjects that i'll be taking is math , english , pe & science for this semester . well i love pretty much all the subjects so its a good start (: . haha super excited for my days in sis . its seems to be a very homely environment . lol i think this is the best school that i've ever been to like really .

this is jenny . she was shy it seems (:

wan en (:

and nityasa . lol there are more but i dont have their pics yet

i dont mind working hard cause it all comes with fun at the end of it . lol i appreciate what i have now and i wouldnt trade it for anything (: . most of my classes has people i already know its just to get to know more for me to mix around . i'll be looking forward most of my days to learning and at the same time developing different skills .

this was taken during our outing yesterday (:

ciao ! (:

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