Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh my god , i did it again so ima let the beat rock ...

" there is no fire like lust , no grip like hatred , no mesh like delusion, no surging water like craving " - Buddha

words can be so amazing when it has been put into a sequence for it to be meaningful and valuable. my trip has been great since my brother and i have gotten closer than we were before . since well he and i were young we can nvr really get along . and this trip has changed it all . it changed him as well as my reaction towards him . wait till he's exposed with life . grows up . oh god im gettting old -.-''


Friday, June 25, 2010

i'm finally home (:

i'm finally back from my trip (: lol the whole trip was fun and at the same time tiring . wish to spend time more on the beach instead of the city . since the clothes in hong kong wasnt interesting the only thing i can shop for is shoes , skirts and shorts since thats the only thing that looks decent . in a way i didnt do much shopping . but there was a ton of experience , tried different things , learn a bit of cantonese and well just had a ton of fun with my family .

miss all my peeps (: friends , cat , dog , fish . teehee ! gonna go out with my cousins tmrw to watch " She's Out Of My League " and probably not gonna sleep early at all (:

xoxo's !

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

il y a une première fois pour tout

goonna go to hongkong tmrw ! (: gosh havent been traveling in awhile, but wont be in contact whatsoever . with facebook and my blog along with my friends for about a week ? i can live with that . i think . i'll make sure there will be tons of pictures taken (: will be leaving tomorrow morning oh gosh im excited (: good night blog ! see yeah in a week


Saturday, June 12, 2010

where we are meant to be ..

day was so far great , spent time with my cousin . havent been able to be around her due to the distance and all but it's get to get back once in awhile . i cant believe we spent 100 bucks just on arts and craft stuff and they're barely anything just a few pieces of paper and some diff types of items . went and look around for stuff and instead spend all our money there . haih things are just getting to expensive now a days . wanted to watch a movie but line was long and i wanted to watch other movies like

the killers
toys story 3
letters to juliet
and some other movies that i cant think of right now ...

licence seems sooo far away , holidays are finished half way , exams are coming up . oh great . what a life ... just feel so negative at times .

xoxo's !

the life !

im so frustrated to the way society pushes us to do things we dont want to do . i want to stand up , take that mic and scream !! all of us is being pressured and brainwashed . in other words the young generation must learn to absorb to become open minded and optimistic about the life they intend to live . this subject can be widely debated but this is from my point of view .

damn , sometimes i just wonder why are we living for . people say to make a change to the world . but why must we take care of it , is it just because we live in it ? its like sometimes i felt that people are not meant to be treated that way . as how to each and everyone of us is carved in unique ways and not everybody is the same . so meaning everybody cant get along ?

oh gosh , just let it be ...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

are we really happy ?

i've learn something today , that people dont notice nowadays . you know how our parents or society tells us that you know you have to get married at this age , then after that get a house , become financially successful , have a family , grow old , and die . if thats their interpretation of life then what about what we want ?

which really got me thinking , if everybody were to follow those steps then where is the part where we enjoy life and do what we want that makes us happy . most of us has been brainwashed that we should do just that and well yes some of us really wants it but is that what everybody wants ?

sometimes well you were happier when life was so simple and you dont have a care in the world but later on when we grow up we start getting stress and only working ourselves up just for money and to live a comfortable life . but that doesnt ensure that we will be happy as well as enjoy life as you fancy it to be . it's just something i think that tends to trigger people and who knows change their path of life (:


Sunday, June 6, 2010

what time is it ?

you know what i've come to realized ? i cannot get drunk without facing the consequences . lol but i wasnt doing anything wrong anyways . the only wrong that i got out of it was being allergic to it . and the fact that im not a strong drinker ;) oh well that means no belly . lol cant get into much trouble .

other than that the day has been pretty dull other than the fact that i woke up with a blur and dizzy mind . the the thoughts of throwing up is there since this afternoon . then later got the biggest tummy ache ever and got rashes due to the allergy . lol gonna sound like some bimbo but whatever . im not going out till im better (: which i plan to be soon . i hope . well i watched prince of persia and for it being a disney movie it was really not that bad (: 8/10


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

run away with me (:

hey sorry havent been updating all due to exams , but its all OVER NOW !! (: im a free person ! lol from school that is . now that the summer is starting i cant wait to take a good rest from all the work and hectic in school . its like im super happy and excited but i cant express it so much cause im tired from all the studying i went through . lol but it will pump back up tmrw when i get my good night sleep from NO WORRIES !! :D

today right after chemistry we ate lunch with lee xian then head out to pyramid with ratri , andrianna and deedee (: was pretty awesome . went to watch the bounty hunter lol would give it a rate of 8/10 . thought it was pretty good but like the people in the theatre was stupid . they dont even laugh when its funny . lol no sense of humor much lol . the funny part when it was only ratri and i laughing so hard while the rest of the people in silence .

whats that bout ? idk lol . soo excited . wanna pick up activities that i've nvr tried . continue activities that i've stop . take licence and violin exam . its just me and the things i wanna do . go out have fun with my life (: had a great laugh when i was out with them . pictures will come up later on (: