Saturday, July 4, 2009

i still hear your voice ....

got up in the morning to teman my mom to go sunway pyramid , lol while i was wandering in the mall looking for food . i went to the ice skating rink and it seems that skate malaysia is today . there was this extremely cute 3 year old girl . omg she can do the splits xD . after that there were other good skaters too but most of them does the same stunts soo nothing much to say there. while watching i was eating mcd's .

isnt she adorable (:

an hour and a half passed then my mom and i head to bukit jalil stadium to watch cheer 2009 (: . haha i manage to see a couple of friends , got my face painted and scream alot . cyrens has improve alot since the previous years . well hope you guys made it to the finals yea ? i just got home all tired .

cyrens !! (:

when we collide ... we make chemistry

nothing is as perfect as what we have .

dont wait any longer ..

signing off ... xoxo's !

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