Thursday, July 30, 2009

across this new divide!

heyy sorry havent been blogging . gotten to tied up with school and others . anyways here is the update for yesterday. we had inline skating today for pe, was excited like hell to try them on. the skates were to big for me but its the only smallest size they have soo yea. then while trying to get the hang of it i kept on falling, and falling. haha it was ages since i inline skate. later on my foot got a lil sore gah my whole body is sore everytime we come back from pe.
i woke up this early to blog cause a stupid random mosquito was buzzing around my ear. i hate that sound and further more it bit my face twice so now there's to bums there. im not gonna sleep till that thing dies for sure .

haha they camwhored , ratri and i sneak to their com to steal this (:

morning love


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