Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i like that look in your eyes ...

lol i got funny pics from school xD well i had one more but i really look retarded there . it was taken during our study period if im not mistaken hahaha pretty random . anyways my pe was exhausting lol but we did had fun . note to self bring a hair band when your out on the field if not you'll look like a freak show hahaa . i had my fun , haha friends were telling me " your super hard working " mainly cause i did my homework during the study period .

this is ratri ! (:

lol i know which nerd would do that ? haha but i like my work done so that i dont have to worry bout it later on (: . this time i didn't bring the big , heavy , fat laptop bag that cant possibly fit my locker . hmmm nothing much actually happen except the fact that my stitch is cuter than eeyoree !! it seems that mark was addicted to eeyore , pretty hilarious . it was really random but the pictures are with ratri (: oh yea we're joining the drama and dance club for the fun of it and later gonna sign up for the volleyball and future cheerleading team !! haha cant wait for that .

xoxo's !

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