Saturday, January 31, 2009

wtf !

goshhh vinod i told you to leave me alone . please i told you i don't want anything to do with all this shit . and charmaine if you want to get his number so badly go ask him yourself . i told you i don't have it anymore . yeshh ! get that in your head would you . i don't think he would mind . same goes to you winston . you want him get him yourself . since you've got all sort of contacts right . as long as you leave me out of this . you realize i have nothing to do with this .

and whoever is using my name again . get off ? whyy are you trying to make it hard for me as it is . yeshh . you all got nothing better to do then get this person get that person . lifeless ! if you think vinod is a showoff or whatever why bother ? . anyways that's your problem not mine . i want all of you to get lost ! .

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Chai !

happy chinese new year guys !

all the best for the year of the moo moo !

saturday :

lol i went out with myra , eelin , pei hsien , andrien , neal , nigel , john , ter , wern juan,
su mae , rachel gan , nicholas kam , dinesh and rizki

its was great to see everyone again .

will see myra in april . goshh . soo longg ! 2 months . ahhh !

we went to eat in sushigroove haha took tons of pics there

then later headed off to the arcade .

played the racing car game and the dance machine .

later we went bowling

too bad my team lost by 5 points haha

the funny thing is that i put one of my heels in eelin's bag for safe keeping

she went off early and i totally forgot about it soo i only have the other side of the heel

wthh hahaha then i borrowed nigels shoe to walk to a store

to buy slippers . then went home . :)

Dancee :)

take no . 1
( she couldnt stop laughing for some reason )

take no. 2
take no. 3

take no. 4
( i got it but blurr damnn ! )


athiraa ! hahaha

monday :

CNY !!

took a family cousin picture . real cute .

i manage to talk to most of my cousins .

and spend time with them .

too bad i cant stay long

cause my school has less holidays .
hahaha . but im gonna miss you guys.

seems like you all have grown up but im still the young one

haha most of you can drive , and bla bla bla

but i cant hahaha. oh well i'll wait till my time comes :D

got a not bad amount of ang pao this year . haha

quite HAPPY!


more cousins ! HAHA

bought this at jonker walk xD haha

kesian kena buli xD
haha he said i wouldnt dare post this haha

my cousins !

wednesday 11 :30

i started crying in the car

goshh i cried haha

she called me . talked for awhile then it was goodbye

myra is leaving and im only gonna see her in april

haha she told me not to . but i cant help myself now can

i knew myra for 7 years . and now she's gone

ahhh who is gonna annoy me when im bored.


but i do hope you have a great time there

gonna miss you lots !

come back and surprise me with your new accent xD

haha good luck ! dufus 1!!

anyways i gtg . later yeahh !


Friday, January 23, 2009

this is the truth from what i know .

okay charmaine . i know your angry for whatever reason it is . but truthfully i wouldn't lie . why should i . you believe your boyfriend that has done so much wrong in his life and you wouldn't believe me . i admit i was with engkit but he ( your bf ) was the one that wanted to talk to me soo badly caused he misses you . i didn't want to interfere as in not even a friend thing okay . but he wanted to he says your okay with it .

the first time you ever called me a bitch was a super big misunderstanding . and this is also one of it . remember the time you admited your wrong ? you don't have to be an enemy to me you know . that's actually the first time anyone has ever called me that . he said things weren't going smoothly between you and him so he needed someone to talk to . i told him I'm busy and i wanted to spend more time with engkit and that i cant be friends when its dirturbing you this way . but he still insisted . he said till you and him are in good terms then he will stop .

this is the truth . you wanted to know right ? . have you realize that i nvr really swear? someone in this stupid world just wants to get me okay . idk why . and that person is the one that started all this crap . i talked to vinod for a super long time scolding him . he admit he send the first post but not the other one . that means someone just blackmailed him , me , eelin and myra . she nvr even send a thing and the post seems to be there . this happened to all 4 of us .

how can you explain that? tell me . i don't throw my body to any guy and i dont throw my body okay . please have some respect for me to . i nvr insulted you at all . except for the fact that your lying . the lying part you must be hearing from must be a rumor . engkit didn't regretted my relationship with him . think maturely . im not those kind of girls that would just wanna bitch and just be any sort of slut . if you really got to know me . you'll know that's untrue .

I'm not expecting us to be friends or anything but just not this way . its just not right . anyways i hope you can think straight before you make your conclusions . listen to the other party first . though your hearing from your best friend or whatever . just listen to what others has got to say . or maybe even the person involved . hope you've read everything and now i want to put these uncalled for situations aside .

make the right choice .

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


back to reality . other than the packs of losers that wouldn't leave my blog . i have been living a happy life . I'm sorry guys i had to leave srikl . as much as i want to stay . its just that there are too many ppl that are like this . and they just wouldn't leave me alone . giving out rumors . at least in the new school i was able to live a normal life . alot of my new friends i made said they knew bout srikl . but the first thing they said is that there are lots of bitchy ppl that's why they wouldn't want to know alot of ppl from there .

and i wouldn't want to know those ppl to . i thought about it for so long . i just cant take all the lying and the bitching anymore . but to my friends i still miss you guys . i wouldn't want to leave you . but i just had to . but i realize that these type of people still follows me . no matter where i go . so i really don't know what to do . maybe to them its fun to disturb me in every way . but your not gonna do the same here . this is your end . soo if blocking my blog is the only way . then I'll do it .

saturday , stepping into the club

the music made me wanna tell the DJ , turn it up

i feel the energy all around

and my body cant stop movin to the sound

but, i can tell that you're watching me

and your probably gonna write what you didn't see

well i just need a little space to breathe

can you please respect my privacy?

why cant you just let me do the things i wanna do?

i just wanna be me, i don't understand why

would you wanna bring me down

I'm only having fun, I'm gonna live my life

( but not the way that you want me to)

I'm tired of rumors starting , I'm sick of being followed

I'm tired of people lying, saying what they want about me

why cant they back up off me? why cant they let me live?

I'm gonna do it my way , take this for just what it is

here we are back up in the club

people taking pictures, don't you think they get enough

i just wanna be all over the floor

and throw my hands up in the air to the beat like

( what? )

i gotta say respectfully

i would love it if you take the camera's off of me

cause i just need a little room to breathe

can you please respect my privacy ?

why cant you just let me do the things that i wanna do?

i just wanna be me, i don't understand why

would you wanna bring me down?

I'm only having fun, I'm gonna live my life

( but not the way that you want me to )

I'm tired of rumors starting, I'm sick of being followed

I'm tired of people lying, saying what they want about me

why cant they back up off me? why cant they let me live?

I'm gonna do it my way, take this for just what it is

i just need to free my mind

just wanna dance and have a good time

I'm tired of rumors, rumors

followed, followed , followed , followed , followed , followed
what they?

why cant they , they , they , they, they

they let me live?

I'm tired of rumors starting , I'm sick of being followed
I'm tired of people lying, saying what they want about me

why cant they back up off me? why cant they let me live?

I'm gonna do it my way, take this for just what it is
take this for just what it is

I'm tired of rumors starting, I'm sick of being followed

I'm tired of people lying , saying what they want about me

why cant they back up off me? why cant they let me live ?

I'm gonna do it my way, take this for just what it is


leave me alone !

to the passerby . you dont know anybetter dont you dare open your big mouth . annoying as all you ppl are . i dont know why you still wanna come to my blog . go find another blog to raid . and charmaine . thanks for telling rumors to everyone of your useless friends . you wanna know why i assumed its you ? because your the only person that told a lie . if it was true i would assume it could be anybody . well at least i knew they were your friends . its much appreciated .
and to you ppl that are looking for vinod . whats the freaking point . your just trying to show that your big and bad when actually your not . your nothing without your ppl .
this blog is not for ppl like you to read . but only to those that i care for . to kel-le and the rest . you said i know you . yea right . i wouldnt wanna know a pack of losers and low life . if you claim that i know you or whatever nonscenes . well from now i will confirm with you . I DONT . and if you still continue to raid . i have no choice but to block my blog . and i promise i wont unblock it anymore .
sorry readers . dont have a choice if all these crappy ppl still want to invade my life .
please leave one more warning .

to the idiots !

charmainee ! i know your part of this . you dont wanna just let things go wont you ! . you and your friend cheryl . yeshhh LEAVE MEEE ALONEEE!! what the hell you want from me . and to the fake rina that has been using my name in my chat box . STOP IT ! if you want to help me stop it . your making everything worst than it is for me . further more i rarely swear .
can the fcuk , ass and kel-le guy just leave me al0ne too . you guys are the one that started all this crab . noow GO AWAY ! and winston . as much as you know, i wouldn't interfere your brother in anything at all . and i didn't do a thing . sorry readers . just some ppl is being very inconsiderate . the ppl you should blame is these 3 ppl . ass , fcuk , kel-le .
what you ppl want from me ! . i know you are just trying to ruin everything that i have . and please its not working . goshh get a LIFEE !! why must you waste your boring lives on my blog . uneducated ppl ! spend more time in school that would help you . and charmaine . for the last time i wouldnt want your freaking bf and i was nvr slapped in the first place .
can you weirdo's read this

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

give me something to believe in !

my day was good today . :) everything went along fine . and now i understand what the teacher was teaching me haha . xD maybe because we started a new chapter . ooh . I'm gonna see all my buddies this sat ! gosh cant wait to see them . kinda miss all of you . back to school . bm was like being in std 3 and the rest is okay , think im gonna take another language . met new ppl again . well this time ppl that i don't talk to .
there was this guy super lame .
lame guy : oh look my shoe colour is the same as yours gold and white !
rina : omgg you don't sayy ! lol
lame guy : oh look you are wearing a band on your right hand too !
rina : its a religion thing .
lame guy : same thing hahaa xD
other than that . well cant think of anything right now .
but anyways i'll blog tmrw !
nights lovelies !

Sunday, January 18, 2009

i'll give it to someone special , last christmas

sorry guys . internet wasnt working for a couple of days soo i couldnt blog . anyways . so far its been normal . school was okay . i have a new family now . :P but I'll nvr forget my old ones . hmmm so far i have been fatter than ever . better start working out all over again . I'll be visiting you guys soon :D promise !

my super big family !

my second day of school

( i think ) :D

lets see I've got a new study table and chair ! lol and remove the keyboard and table away and now my room looks so neat . love them . now I'm just praying to get a new wardrobe . need one . mine is just too full . cant fit anymore clothes .

lol do you know what i FOUND ! lol . goshh friends are gonna kill me for this but anyways . i was looking through my old photo's and i found something really interesting :D haha

let me show you :)

me and lin ( std 6 lol ) farewell party

nigel & neal


me and lin

me , shirloo and myra

me , rachel and myra

me and myra
( btw i dont know whats with me and
the devil sign haha xD )

will take more pics . :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

romeo save me , i've been feeling so alone !

sorry haven't been blogging lately lol i have nothing to blog about .
okay hmm the new school is getting better and better .
sorry guys i made you stay with me after school .
but i cant disobey my parents . its a thing that i promised .
and thanks for staying with me yeahh . your great .

anyways my dad let me drive lol xD . he said i nearly gave him a heart attack
lol he is just so worried when i drove him . lol he was like hit the breaks ! NOW!
i know what I'm doing . just that he is a lil too worried that i might scratch his car .
lol but i manage to drive ! . then there was this other car . seems that the father is teaching his son how to drive to . and I'm like COPY CAT ! the fella was following me . wthh .

it was soo cool . haha . :D i still miss myra , jimmy , william , eelin , eugene , athira , karen , prita , shirloo , siew pau 's lol , neal , nigel , andrien , rachel and the others . sorry if i didnt mention your name but practically everybody i know . well wanna see them again .

i still need help with my add maths and normal maths . yeshh don't understand the questions . well maybe its because I'm sitting for the 3rd semester for form 4 lol . but still i wanna take the final exam though . have to get ready for it .

note to self : bring food to school as the school food sucks lol . ( they are fattening )

my new toy !

eyes bags ( yeshh )