Friday, October 4, 2013

When would you know it's a dead end ?

Decisions were never my forte,
But there's this one that I can't ignore.

When things becomes sour and there's no more love to give,
It's a broken heart that tears me apart.

The minutes feels like hours and the hours feels like days,
It's like a never ending hell hole.

As easy as it may sound,
I don't know where to go from here.

I'm lost in the fights in my own mind,
Wandering which way to go.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Let, Jump, Fly.

My mind is cluttered,
In thoughts that pollutes,
Pulling away from emotions,
Taking this path that neither take sides.

Living a life full of expectation,
To being a lone soul with running tears,
The reality of being free,
Is through an emotionless fate.

Life and it's meaning ?
Search of reasons why ?
Let, Jump, Fly.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

wanna be my valentine's ?

Yes it's cliche to celebrate something like valentines day as you would have the couples that spends lots of $$ on this day and the singles complaining that their forever alone.Those in denial or maybe just don't believe in valentines day feels as it's just an advertising gimmick to persuade the market to celebrate this day.

But let me tell you this, without days like these then there's nothing to look forward to if I'm gonna shoot down everything that's possibly untrue in our reality. We might as well not celebrate anything and not believe in Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. It's so pessimistic but hey I'm not gonna stop you from your beliefs but it's a beautiful day outside and I want to do something about it.

Valentine's day is a day we appreciate the ones we love and yes as much as we want to celebrate this day everyday but sometimes we get carried away with our current lives to realize. Things like these should exist more often just so that I could look forward to something, so that my world isn't so dull and so that I could just live life like everything is magic on it's own.

When we're kids we used to see the world as a magical place and always so curious to discover more, but as we grow older and we learn more about our world, everything gets boring as those things we once believe in doesn't exist. I want to be a kid at heart and make my world a more beautiful place and if you're gonna go be all oh she's such a blond then be my guest :)

 Happy Valentine's Day Everyone !! 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thought of having a little fun :)

Had a wonderful day and though it felt short it was worth it :)

Went to another state off and had lunch, felt like a little adventure going off to somewhere else just to have lunch. Sounds ridiculous sometimes but that's what life is; to go out, explore and at the same time treasuring it with the people you love.

Now that I'm ending my Internship, it's time to move on to my degree.
Had a great ride with it and learnt all that I need to know about the working world.
Love to thank by boss and colleagues for making it a great experience and well they do feel like family and that's what counts.

My boyfriend always had to give me this face so I figured that I should post it up :)


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Liar from the grave

It's time that I share a little secret about people and their sincerity.

There are times where friends are not friends because they're mainly seeking for an objective.
Lies upon lies, time and time again.
There are so many types of friends out there which is sad to know that they exist.

From fake friends to hi bye friends, status to money.
It doesn't matter if they're young or old because they grow to become people like these.

It's sad to say that good friends are hard to come by, but that's not gonna stop me from looking.
If I have to fall to the ground and scrape my knee, I know that one day someone will lend a hand.
And that someone would accept you as to who you are in open arms.

Don't let the mask fool you from finding out the truth

Cheers to another year, 2013!