Monday, June 29, 2009

just beat it !!

as you all know i had my orchestra last night well the ones that are up to date with my blog . it was one heck of a night but we had to learn a last minute song . it was a tribute to michael jackson we played beat it ! we manage to pull it off though . throughout the whole orchestra i had a great experience and made friends . hope it doesnt end there . i had a whole ton of fun but at the same time it made me tired after playing so many songs . thanks ducky for being there (: its much appreciated , eventhough i didnt know you were there .
nicholas cheng ! solo violinist (:
to my friend dumbo , i know your facing a hard time now . im sure you'll get over it but its gonna take some time for it to heal . dont loose hope yea ? you still got me and your buddies . take the advice i've given you and hope it helps you overcome this obstacle and others ahead .
bryan ! (:
school is starting soon !!!! lol 14 days more to go and 10 more days to orientation day (: super excited . hope its up to my expectations , all mixed feelings in me . other than that i have alot to catch up once i start schooling . hmm might be watching transformers soon . anyways later !
bryan , sheu wei ( violin teacher ) & i (:

Saturday, June 27, 2009

it doesnt matter if your back or white !

here to pay a tribute to michael jackson ..

seriously his music is something different compared to other musicians .
lol have you seen his dancing ? it rocks . lots of musicians used his dance moves and his sense of fashion . well may he rest in peace , he changed alot of lives and had been an inspiration to many people . lol 2 days ago i dreamt bout him . well i don't know why but it was before i heard the news . like seriously I'm not kidding . its freaking real . lol it freaked me out when i heard the news . well things happens right ? or maybe it was just a coincidence .
lol my mom told me bout last time when she went to his concert and since she was sitting at the back seat wayyy at the back . she brought binoculars cause it was that far and her friends were like heyy is that michael jackson ? she said : yea yea . lol he is . there look at the legs move . all together scream WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON !!
thats all I've got for today . other than that I'm having my orchestra tomorrow (: wish me luck . there is so many freaking songs i hope i don't screw up . nights

Thursday, June 25, 2009

X's on the back of your hand !

lol im super duper extremely happpy !!! i got a sexxayyy new laptop , laptop skin anndd i engraved my name on it . im gonna show you some pics of it . damnn happy . well other than that i still havent got my violin string which my teacher kill me soon . well also looking at the bright side i am going to school 2 weeks ++ (: yayeee !!

my laptop (:
my engraved name :P

oh yea i was soo bored that i took pictures of my cat too . it was cute (: you cant deny it . well my orchestra performance is coming up so wish me luck . i have like 15 songs to play . kill me :X . MYRA'S BACK!! from aussie . lol I'm suppose to spend sometime with her before i start schooling .
she's praying to god knows who xD
in the morning my mom couldn't start the car so we jump start the car which took bout an hour cause the guards didnt know how to open the hood, went to a tyre shop and fixed it . then later we went to the immigration office and cause my mom wanted to do my maid her visa for 2 years then we had to see the pengarah . we waited in the waiting room for 40 mins and the stupid pengarah didnt wanted to see us . and sent us back to the immigration office and he told the people to tell us that he didnt want to see us . i was like WTHH !! idiot like crazy !! .anyways blog later !!
and sleeping beauty just woke up !

Monday, June 22, 2009

somebody call 911 !

this is the update for 3 days ago (: i went to sunway pyramid wtih my cousins and jackson . lol i got pics . im sorry jackson but its super funny (: you cant really see the gayness xD . we went ice skating , movies then later just walking around getting stuff . i have pictures !! (: enjoy it !!

manju , me , yash (:

this is my cousin yash (: she's going back to singapore today

this is jackson and his painted nail (:

but dont worry he aint gay

oh yea yesterday i had a video call with willie last night lol he took pics without me realising xD lol soo funny ! (:

willie !

oh yea days before the outing to sunway we went to hulu langat just having a picnic by th river . its soo cool cause we're the only ones there (: it was during a weekday (:

this is my daddy ! (:

yash & i

my parents (: they're so cute


Sunday, June 21, 2009

i need an all-american cowboy !

lol I'm back (: . i have been going out alot ever since my cousin was around . i was suppose to go out with them today but i had my orchestra that i needed to attend . i do miss her dearly though (:

manju , me , yash (:

yesterday i went out with yash , manju , dinesh and jackson . lol we were suppose to go to an orphanage to do some charity work but didn't managed too cause somebody woke up super duper late . and found out that we didnt had transport soo we cancelled that out and went to the theatre or titer xD right manju ? lol later we went ice skating and a lil bit of shopping . it was fun though being with them . i haven't been on an outing with them like that for years .

but I'm assuming they will be back again in august . lol and my laptop is coming tomorrow ! (: super excited . my new toy (: . school will be starting in 3 weeks . I'll be waiting , this is one of the days where i get excited to go to school . new people , new teachers , new everything . lots of people told me its fun , but time consuming . ohh and i watched fighting (: the movie was just okay but the dude xD is not bad . I'll give a rate of 5 / 10

oh yea i got some pics from the diode camp ! (: lol only some but its something right ?

ducky ( wesley) , jackson , sam , me

retard but anyways

me , ducky !

all of us ! (:


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

you & i collide !

heyy . i still sadly haven't gotten any pics of the camp . i'll see whether i can get them soon but the pics were really funny . oh and i manage to get a few more of the charity dinner pics . hmmm i still miss the camp . darnn cant believe i cried when i left them . yeshh its like we all became soo close and knowing we're not gonna see each other for a long time . well its pretty sad .

im gonna miss you guys loadss !! hope we'll still keep in touch now and then . who knows we might plan an outing soon (: . soo make sure your schedules are free . other than that , my cousin from singapore is staying over my place for a week plus . we went to sunway yesterday , went for ice skating and omg after that like i have bruises yesh and it hurts like crazy cause of the stupid skates .

later on we watched a movie 17 again i'll give it a 7/10 its not bad actually quite hilarious . hmmm went shopping for awhile and got home . we're not going out today cause well pretty tired from yesterday but I'm gonna make my daddy a card for fathers day . this will take time but im gonna do it (: . laterr ...


Sunday, June 14, 2009

leaderonomics ! ...

heyy ! im back from camp (: gosh the camp was so freakin fun . seriously . i have enjoyed it and have learned soo much . lol during my last day there . haha funny to say but this is the first time i ever cried cause im leaving all of you guys (: . well as in the people i met there . they were a great group .

neways im not gonna go into too much details in what the activities were . but the whole thing was truly inspiring . im glad my mom sent me there . i made many friends there to . haha we became that close after 2 days? pretty fast xD i willl be getting pics soon . well i hope (:
but I'm pretty exhausted from the camp soo will sleep early tonight . and further more my cousin from singapore is visiting and staying over soo i better be well not so dead till then . nights !!

Monday, June 8, 2009

tell me what to do ? ...

hey ! . there will be a change of plans . i will be gone for bout 4 days I'm gonna be in linggi . lol some camp thing that my parents are sending me to . soo you wont be seeing lots of updates for now . till i come back . will miss you ! lol . gosh I'm nervous . i haven't pack anything yet . mom just came home and announce that I'm going for a camp .

till i come back ! bye blogg ! (:

wish me luck !

nights ! i cant blog through my phone either . damnn .

i'll try to find my ways . later ....

thinking of you you you !

havent been blogging lately well cause the main thing that there's nothing much to blog about but since im online i might as well blog . neways i went to play ping pong with a friend staying around my area for awhile then went home .

but on my way home guess what i saw !? its the most spectacular thing i have ever seen a REAL SHOOTING STAR . LIVE . gosh it was one of the greatest things that i have manage to capture. it was magical really while its falling , its was leaving behind what looks to be spakling dust behind it that shines for awhile and fades away .

its not like the picture , well its a lil fake dont you think ? but the shooting star i saw was the real thing .
you know the thing people usually do when they see a shooting star ? they sort of make a wish . well haha lets see whether it comes true now (: * wishes ( no telling what it is ) it might break its magic (:
nights ! (:

Saturday, June 6, 2009

waking up in vegas !

lol im gonna get my laptop soon (: it'll be coming in a couple of weeks . school is starting soon cant wait to join in on my first day . it'll be new to me but i think i can fit in you know as a new student and all . its making me pretty nervous but i wouldnt be too far away from srikl (: but will be closer to all my college friends .

didnt know lots of them are studying there when i got to know about it . other than that i have been into my violin haha having all this free time well at least im doing something productive . today i went out with my family to kl cause my bro wanted to get games and all and after all that walking it has made me pretty tired now .

either one of them .

will do updates later !

Friday, June 5, 2009

I'd come for you ! :)

the days pass so does the feeling
it comes to a dead end where i have to turn back and return to where i was
i am there left walking alone along the stretch road .

i have looked everywhere for you but all i found is others living happily
not sure how long i could take of this long search
just hope its all worth it .

caprice ! (:

hey (: i have been through alot and a lil busy taking care of my dog since he isnt feeling so well these couple of days . lately i have just been sitting at home or doing stuff for my mom .
havent gone out in a very long while and its starting to bother me . but anyways i have more pictures from that day . and still waiting to receive more slowly (:

sorry havent been blogging lately but all i have been doing is just thinking alot . with all this free time it has made me do this serious thinking about everything my past , present and future . dont know what is gonna become of me with all this . well it hurts in a way . anyways not gonna let in more details lets just get to the pictures (:

wanna be's !

yenlin (:

xoxo's !