Monday, March 30, 2009

but i wont let it die !

heyy ! first i would wanna wish well 12 hours before the twins birthday!

lol APRIL FOOLS ! :) haha
well now this makes me so miss my old school .
but what the heck . cant change anything now can i?
i have knowed you guys for a long time . since we were so young
we used to play catching . hide & seek remember :)
during our younger days that is
then now well we've all grown up from that . well not fully but partly
it'll be great to see you guys again .
anyways hope you'll enjoy your day
have a great party
and celebrate your years of being 16 !

you know i really dont know how i manage to get this

but this is when they were standard 6 :)

nigel & neal

and look at you now :D form 3


well this pic isnt my fault you didnt wanna smile :) form 3


anyways im not coming to school today and tomorrow .

cause i have no exam .

its been boring lately . not able to see everyone.

been to school yesterday and it was really boring .

just walking up and down .

laterr !


Friday, March 27, 2009

because you live !

heyy today i had my english exam and boy it was tiring . well today was kinda funny cause jade , jisoo , fahmi , faishal and i was throwing faishal shoe everywhere lol . then he balas dendam by taking my shoe . haha i was running around with one shoe . but i manage to get it back when hakim thought i was so short to reach . lol .

her cute doggie named BILLY !
then i went back to them laughing and guess what , a teacher was like what are you doing . and bla bla bla . anyways i went and took a walk with my neighbour and it went something like this .
rina : * jumping in the air " gosh how long does it take to take a picture "
sukim : " well sorry haha the picture looks funny "
rina : * turns back " why is that car like stopping there ? it seems to be staring at us "
sukim : " omg yea ! ." * slowly walks off
rina : " waitt look ! "
maria : " did i frighten you ? "

oh yeah and guys remember to turn off your lights from 8:30 - 9:30 ! its our EARTH HOUR ! this is for everyone and everybody can help save our planet earth by doing so .

xoxo's !

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

let's start a riot !

heyy sorry haven't been blogging for awhile . well my exams are around the corner and I'm gonna start burning midnight oil :P . other than that i went to athira's house for her bday !


she was watching football !

anyways i stayed over her house and omg her cat looks like bugsy hahaha xD when i arrive i was in the pool . oh yea and athira was soo sad that day cause both her favourite football teams lost and her uncle sort of rub it in her face . lol man utd lost to fulham and chelsea lost to some team that idk .

then the next morning went to the curve with eelin , athira , krystal to watch the charms c3 competition . gosh it was cool ! there was this all boys team from thailand and they were amazing ( kinda gay ) but soo cool but they call themselves the rainbow team ! hahaha find that cool.
they even shook their booty ! hahaha . i might consider joining the charm all stars with eelin :) but need to find out some info about it first .

rainbow !! hahaa

anyways before that i went to the english arts fest thing that was happening in my school . lol i went there around 11? then i went to jades house . lol nothing happen right guys ? hahaha . * inside joke . then hang at her house and played with her doggie and her trampoline . it was fun . then i went to nahla's house and later just walk around school watching people getting ready for the event .

me , romeo and my favourite terrorist :)

you know i actually stayed for the last play which is the romeo and juliet play. hahaha . i got a pic with romeo :) haha . they whole thing ended at 11:00 when it was suppose to end at 9 . which was soo stupid and i nearly lost my voice that night . hmmm that's about all .

romeo and i

xoxo's !!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

everything reminds me of you ...

i have finish reading " the gift " by cecelia ahern . and the ending was pretty sad . i actually teared up a lil . well maybe the beginning of the story is a lil boring and kinda confusing but once you reach around the middle part of the book you'll start to understand . gahh the lesson was to show that time is important . and try to spend your time with your loved ones and family .

and lets see my exam will start next week . im still thinking and havent decided on whether i want to go to form 5 or continue to stay in form 4 . it all depends . i doubt the new school would ever be ready . soo annoyed . i thought my friends how to cheer hahaa . xD who knows i might even form a team lol * wink . just thinking about it haha

so far nothing much happen in the day . kinda wasted . but anyways i'll keep an update soon . :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

moment of truth ! shhh :)

hey people . just for your info . i have put in the chatbox but its below to the right yea ?

well i figure its no fun having a blog without your comments right :D

lol my parents are coming home tomorrow . and they brought gifts ! :P

cant wait for them to come back :) and


lets see i'll be going to school on friday . i went to the gym today with sukim

gahh im fat . lol . dont you people dare say im not . i know your trying to be nice

but im fat!! hahaa . anyways i got home and did the same thing practically the whole day

study , tv , read book , com . this went on for awhile . ( my awhile is the whole day fyi )

okayyy gonna take my bath now later ! :)


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

well 3 more days to go till mom and dad comes back .

till then i will be at home doing my own things and enjoy it while it last ?

haha . miss them lots though . i called them the other day . and they said they're

doing great and they got me stuff . so excited :D

i realize i lost contact with alot of my old friends so those of you out there

that is reading my blog ? please don't stop talking to me yea ? haha don't wanna

loose you . hmmm better start studying as i got good news from a friend saying

that my final exam will be coming in 17 more days . its suppose to be next month

i realize as i grow older and older time seems to pass by so fast compared when i was

young and when i wanted to grow up so fast and it didn't turn out to be . but for now

i want things to slow down . and give me my time . come on I'm gonna be 16 soon !

when i first saw you . my heart started to beat faster
as i walked pass you . it felt like it wasn't beating anymore
when i first talked to you . i took time to spit out the words out of my mouth
as our friendship grew stronger . you grew to like me more and so did i
when we started to be together . it felt like everything was perfect
as the relationship expand to a different level i felt that nothing can be so right
when we had our first argument . you start to show your true colours
as this continued we realize that it wasn't meant to be
but later did we know that actually we missed something out
we have to argue to stay together
like they say no pain no gain :)
nights ! xoxo's !

Sunday, March 8, 2009

because you live !

okay i didnt do much today but i did manage to finish my lung cancer project and now to finish reading a book for my book review . my birthday , myra and exam is next month . have to study . thinking of going to the gym for awhile . then might play badminton with my bro . i've gone to realize that ever since my parents left i manage to get closer to my bro . well i dont really hang out with him or talk to him much . but now i did . lol its great .

i miss cheerleading . and volleyball . gosh i bet i suck by now . but i soo wanna fly and spike hahaha . havent done that in a long time . somehow i regret changing school . haha but i cant change it now can i ? well one more month to go . come on you can do it !!!
anyways im gonna play badminton with my bro later
mwackxx !

Friday, March 6, 2009

trying to keep it all inside till the time comes to let it all out .

my parents just left like 10 mins ago . and idk i feel weird . not used to it i guess . well i started tearing up like 5 mins after they left . and all my memories not only of them but of others too . treasured memories of friends and family that is kept in me . i feel the drama all over again . didnt realize that even my friends touch the heart in me . and those that was a loved one before .

it feels different when your not around . I'm just not used to it anymore . i tried keeping it together and being strong for some reasons i think i should be . having my dignity . but its like ripping me apart when I'm trying to pull it back together . ever since you broke me i tried picking myself up one by one . as the time goes by . holding the pieces together couldn't last long . later it drops piece by piece and i cant pick it up anymore . cause i don't see the reason in doing so . maybe the pieces are meant to be that way . scattered all over till i have the strength to pick it up again .

once i felt like i am the top of the world . just love being me . but later did i know the love that we shared actually meant something to me . the rollercoaster is facing the falling part . the part where not all can go through . only the strong ones are able to pass . i was too weak for it . and it just broke me and you .

i don't know why its popping in my head now and not before . it comes to show that i do care . it hurts so much to know that you don't . therefore i keep it in me . closing my eyes hoping that everything will be okay . that i can survive through this . with or without . but when i came to realize that i cant take it without you . its is too late to do or say anything . cause it doesn't matter anymore . people change . the chemistry we shared change . which causes it not to matter.

later you grew to realize it to . but you don't dare to show it nor admit it . cause you are just scared . but so am i . neither of us want to show it but you know that you still care . even if you try to deny it . because we're not strangers . we have something to care for too .

im still fighting the wind from pulling me back . trying to run away from you . cause i dont wanna show how fragile i really was . it felt like i just drop glass from the skytower . and guess what im the glass and you were the one that dropped it . i trusted you with the glass but you didnt really care cause it didnt occur to you as much .

then when time has pass . you've realize that you actually do cared for the glass that you've drop and just felt like being the one that caught it and save it before it hits the floor .

but you were too late to do or help . later that glass manage to pick itself up one by one . but it needs someone or something to keep it together from breaking again .

but im not sure whether i can trust you again with the glass that you've drop the last time . so now i live the life where i dont know what to believe in . or whether you were faithful to be trusted . yet the hearts start roaming but just as scared as a lost puppy .

it will stay in my memories
till the day you see that we were more .

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the times when you just wanna dance !

today is the jason mraz concert ! gahh im not going

one of my friends from school is going . soo not fair

oh well life is never fair anyways .
this was taken during o'maths . haha
my parents confirmed with me a couple of hours ago

and yeah their leaving .
for a couple of days

so i'll be lonely . haha

i still have my doggie with me so its shouldnt be that bad

he'll protect me haha .

hmmm lets see i watch the curious case of benjamin button

lol its sweet in a way . at first its very boring . and the ending is kinda

wrong hahaa . im not gonna spoil it for you . so you watch it yourself and you'll get what i mean

but they made brad pit old . lol . he looks better at the end :D

later i went to the cd shop and my bro bought cd

and i saw the gossip girls 1st series

:( i wanna watch it though .


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

if i had a wish i would wish for you .

today my bro , dad and i was like arguing in the car
this morning cause it seems my bro eats too much sweet stuff .
and he seems not to care .

mom and dad might be going to taiwan for a bussiness trip
so alone at home i'll be.

anyways today was okay we did some experiments during bio
just seeing the bicarbonate indicator changes colour that's all haha
lol we walk in the park during break and the guys plays on the monkey bar lol .
( true monkeys ) xD

then went back to class . later after school omg i nearly fell down the stairs
because of 3 stupid guys . lol at least i didn't fall .
it would have been embarrassing if i did.

i have some projects to do for bio .
with the voucher that i won during the marathon
might come in handy i need it for my project anyways
lol maybe its a sign from god or something
asking me to do my work haha .

when you said you'll always be there for me
i'll know you'll be 2 steps behind .