Tuesday, March 30, 2010

300th post !!

My 300th post !! woohoo !! (: sorry . dont feel like updating today but dont want to keep the blog boring soo ..

today we had a fire drill as in the whole college as well as my school had to evacuate to the field . there was a traffic jam from the car park to the field . then it seems the fire engine as well as the ambulance came and went back . LOL its very random but pretty cool .

okay now im getting lazy .. picture time :D

Sunday, March 28, 2010

been there , done that !

i nearly lost winter today . when i was feeding him he just jumped out of my hand and disappeared . he has always been the curious and naughty one too . and im pretty sure this isnt the last time he's gonna dash out again . the naughty fella .

other than that nothing much has been done except homework and stuff . i went for this charity dinner last night in a temple in brickfields . its suppose to be this sri lanka food and it was suppose to be really nice . but ended up we didnt get half the things that was stated in the menu and the food suck . i rather eat in the mamak than eat that food . lol and we paid rm1000 for the whole dinner . geez but anyways its suppose to be for charity for the new building so whatever .

not only that im having these coupons that im suppose to sell . rm10 per coupon . its on 25th of April , Sunday . in brickfield sunday school temple . and its this family day thing . also going to be given to charity . LOL if anybody's interested contact me yea ?

other than that i nothin much really occurred during my holidays . same old . i watched alice in wonderland and that sucked . remember me is another boring and emo story . goshh all the movie sucks now . lucky i didnt go to the theater's to watch . it wouldnt be worth it .


Friday, March 26, 2010

what would you want to do before you grow old ?

hey (: i have decided to get a tattoo . dont know whether its a good idea yet but im planning to when i turn 18 ! i have spent at least half the day looking at tattoo designs got any suggestions ? LOL maybe im becoming crazy haha . but i dont care (: we only get one time to live so live life to the fullest right ? ;D

my 2 baby squirrels eyes has finally open and their super duper active . their like jumping everywhere . the poor thing got scared when it rained . hmmm their okay now though . Summer & Winter are their names :) yes i can tell the difference . i have been keeping them bout 1 week plus they are super adorable !

i have a few things to accomplish well before i grow old and i intend to do everything ;) no its nothing wrong . since i havent been clubbing before . yes its sad but i didnt go . anyways i just want the experience . whether i like it or not its a different thing . and im turning 17 so soon . arghh its good and bad but well i cant stop time now can i ?


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

oohh what you say ?


she's so gonna kill me .
lol found this on my laptop :D

i'm having a chemistry test tomorrow . yes i have studied for this one . but still dont get just a few parts of it . i have to make sure i score for this one . its the only way to boost up my marks . geez its just like soo much pressure . hmm anyways school is school . and im actually blogging during my career's class . Mr.C is so gonna kill me if he found out . hmmm (:


Sunday, March 21, 2010

when your hot then your cold ..

the poor thing fell asleep on my lappie (:

another day in school . you know you get those mornings that you feel so tired to wake up to another day of school or work. i'm sooo tired today . can barely stay awake thats for sure . its just one of those days. yes i had alot of assignments to do . especially printing out and handing it in by tomorrow. i really didnt feel like blogging for the pass few days cause well there's nothing much to blog about.

my super gay friend decided to be bitchy today, yeshh its super annoying . it's like i'm tired, as well as tons of assignments that are 80% complete that needs to be done by today but i still put a good face . i hate it when people let out all their stress and emotions out on you and make you look like the bad one in the end . its not like im the one that pissed you off.

yes you know im very into cheer . and there's also tons of things for me to finish up . further more i have the responsibility to bring up the whole team . what kind of stress you think i am in now ? i have quit some of my activities just to make room to do cheer and as well as choreograph the dance and so on . i dont expect you to do the same as i am but just being there to support me . this is my freaking first time being captain and its freaking stressing me out . as a best buddy i expected you to be the shoulder that helps boost me up during these times .

haihh i dont know . i dont hate you but i just dislike your attitude today . hmmm anyways i got home and got Summer and Winter to cheer me up a little (: . they are my 2 new baby squirrels that i just gotten remember .


Thursday, March 18, 2010

its just another day ...

yesterday and today is just another day spent at home . other than me going to the gym then thats it . i havent been going to the gym for a freaking long time and feel very unfit . i'd probably do the same today . watch after summer, snow ( the 2 new squirrels i got ) and scamp ( my dog ) probably practice my violin , & study chemistry . yes very boring day but well i have to do it anyways .

i might be seeing the bf later (: well thats just maybe and well life isnt treating me as bad as it used to . its not 100% fantastic but it isnt as bad . so im happy at where im at . schools gonna start soon lol cant wait to see my buddies . i miss them to bits .

time moves slower when life is boring and still but time moves faster when it's exciting and fun.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

unforgettable !

had a fabulous day with the bf (: was out with my cousin , her bf , my bf , me and chryssa (: haha i know its freaking awkward at first but it was fine towards the end (: we watch 2 movies today the first one is " from paris with love " and " Up in the air " LOL both movies were awesome and unexpected (: . thought it was gonna be boring but it was okay .

then my bf parents sent me home . omg i thought they were gonna hate me cause seriously they were the ones that were so against him dating me . though they have never met me before . so okay sat in the car & talk to his siblings . and after dropping him and his siblings off it was just me, chryssa and the parents . well they chat with me for abit till i reached home that is. it seems that they thought i was nice hmmm . well the whole outing was perfect to me and wouldnt forget any minute of it .

sadly i couldnt sleep at all . but he was there (: im so lucky . i wouldnt wanna change anything . my life is at its perfect state . and now i have to take care of 2 baby squirrels


Monday, March 15, 2010

so give me a reason to live .

im freaking depress . it's like the fact that no matter how happy you choose to be it just have to end with depression . it f*cking sucks . it's like life has plan every way to make you angry, depress, pissed off and so on . if we're suppose to live in the world thats screwed up and full of shitty attitude's then i dont see the point in living .

people say we only have one life . but whats the point if everything , well most of it is just plain old screwed up . im pretty sure everybody faces this shit everyday . whether your in school , at work , on the road , just practically anywhere . today was freaking screwed up . for some reason i dont know why im soo clumsy . and end up cutting my finger and dropping everything else .

who knows maybe today's suppose to be like one of my bad days or something . then i dont get to see my bf. all i did was do my homework and take care of the dog practically. its like what i live for or something . its just like today i end up hurting myself physically and emotionally .


Sunday, March 14, 2010

there's no surprise i wont see you tomorrow ..

sorry guys dont feel like posting anything today but its just a quick recap ..

yesterday i went to bangsar with 3 of my grandparents . lol it was very hard to move around since they can only walk in a slow pace so we walked around bangsar village then dropped them off at the thai massage centre . lol when we picked them up they were so happy xD so adorable really . then we had tea at chatterbox . the food there is not bad (: . look for cars since mom wanted to change it and then head home.

today we went to look at houses (: though the houses nowadays are like average mostly up to 2 million and above . my parents are slowly making up their mind and looking at other places . i only brought 2 of my grandparents . we went to subang parade for tea and then to the electrical store where we spent at least 2 hours just because my mom was a very slow decision maker. picked up my dog from the vet and head home . didnt really do much really other than seeing the houses .

funny thing is i havent finish one assignment yet their all half way done :O kill me ! there is still 7 days till school starts :(


Thursday, March 11, 2010

on the radio, stereo the way you move aint fair you know ..

i know this is cheesy but im gonna say it anyways :) it's gonna be my second month with my bf ! lol i know its only 2 months but what the heck i deserve to be happy and this blog is what i will cherish when i grow older and look back upon my past. all these little things excite's me .

today was hilarious i feel like a freaking small kid . i saw one of my friends with heely's (: im pretty sure everyone knows what that is anyways after seeing it . i then remembered i had a pair myself but thats when i was pretty young . when i got home i put my bags in my room and then start searching for them till 7 pm . yesh i didnt managed to find it . lol i know this is ridiculous but i really wanted to play with them since i havent been doing that for years now ?

i wouldnt care if i was weird to others . if i prefer to dress or be different . because that's me (: just not like everyone else but me . odd little me , yes my bf agree's that im odd but he still loves me . haha ! he's weird for loving weird people .

tomorrow's the last day of school and then 1 week holidays ! i also heard mr.nathan is finally leaving srikl after soo long . lol he must have really love the school . tmrw is also dress down day . so still not sure what i plan to wear . but will figure it out soon enough


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mein Kampf !

this is the plant :D

i have a gay buddy ! (: and no the buddy isnt a girl . lol its a guy . haha it's nice sometimes your able to tell stuff and really open up without judgement . just not getting people laughing about it , admire , hate and so on . and that gay buddy is * drumrolls " brandon gavin jawi " haha i know weird name but he's cool . i know i can count on him for most things like example he's joining my cheerleading team . and has alot of experience so at least i have someone well verse in cheer and stuff :P and i found out that my team since it's co-ed & international , the team will have to take the international competition that is ISKL , CHARM all stars and so on O.o goshh . i wonder whats the level of competition .

other than that . idk how i did this but part of my locker handle the one that supports the door of the locker came out ;P haha dont ask me how i did this but it came out . so annoying . now it's freaking hard to open and close it when im in a rush for example today . i had so many things to accomplish that was given and had to be passed up on the same day .

have tons of assignments due after the holidays ! (: school's giving one week holiday so at least i get a break from all the school stuff and will take my undang " driver's writing test " and probably decorate my box. you guys know im currently having my own business in sunway pyramid . selling mini plants in an air tight bottle (: so i have to start doing my work and stuff.

not only that i will have to start playing my guitar / violin / piano . and have to see the bf of course :) most probably will go out with him or something next week . thats bout it .

xoxo's !

Friday, March 5, 2010

Alarm clocks kill dreams !

to some blogger eileen you guys can read what she had to comment on my recent post its on the " cant believe it " post . i dont know who you are to judge asian people but no he isnt tiny . firstly i dont like to be judge with what i put in this . i treat this blog as my diary in a way public diary . i dont include much detail but its practically the main topic . my life isnt always full of drama but if you expect more than i could give then you shouldn't be reading this blog at all

back to the post . yes i love my asian boyfriend alot . i dont expect anyone to understand that . but im sure you do have a guy in your life that makes you feel special . whether he's fat , thin , tall , short , pretty , hot , ugly, geeky and so on . he is what makes you happy . i really like the fact he's always looking out for me . and i haven't been seeing him for more than 3 weeks . you cant blame me from being so whinny when i describe him .

now ms shanon the drama teacher acts as if she's interested in my cheerleading squad. im not sure she really cares but whatever . bringing up a team is seriously hard especially when i have half the team not experience and have no what so ever in gymnastics and dancing . but i did promised myself that im gonna whip them up to awesome cheerleaders that's for sure . and who knows maybe someone will lead on my legacy once i leave this school .

my body was seriously aching from all the jumping around . geez feel like an old lady . guess im not as fit as i used to be but thats gonna change . i am so gonna get my licence . haha i been bringing this up many times but i am truly excited . once i get it i will be close to freedom . life has been treating me well . other than that there's the osslt exam that i will have to sit on 9th April that is 2 days after my birthday . pretty sad i know but i cant do much bout it . doubt i will be celebrating this year but most probably the following year.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

nobody really know's .

at last found out that my baby's all right . well not soo all right but okay (: i think many people flunk the chemistry test cause most of them handed in 1 page blank . although i finish it . all thats written is crap . all full of crap . i did study but towards the end i sort of died .. but anyways now that's over . i have to just finish my lab report and im done .

cheer is tomorrow . though ms.shanon found out that i wanted to use her drama mats for cheer . i mean i havent asked her yet. was planning to but i was thinking bout the inconvenience to bring the mats outside then after that bring it back . but anyways she called me aside and was giving me the bitch talk .

shanon : i heard you want to use the mats for your cheerleading ? * in the most sarcastic way

me : erm yeah but i'm not sure that i want to

shanon : cause you know they are my mats and the mats are not leaving the drama room and you never even asked me for permission to use the room in the first place .

me : okay ? but i didnt even use it

shanon : well who is your teacher in charge ? do you even have a teacher in charge ?

me : yes i do and she's ms. kim * rolled eyes

shanon : oh okay, you know if you really want to use my room you should have ask me earlier cause i have drama on mondays and you cant use the room

me : i dont think i want to use your room cause im not going to throw people through the ceiling now would i ?

among all the teacher's she is one of the worst annoying ones trust me . she can just bitch talk you with that " acting " drama stuff. pity the husband mr. gregory well thats his problem . the conver continues till i said i'm not planning to use your room. thank god she wasnt my cheer teacher. i nearly did cause she' s into the whole drama and dance thing ? but whatever . all my cheerleaders agreed well most of them that ms kim is better than ms shanon . she's like this all the time . hate her attitude . but what am i to judge im not that perfect either. i have my flaws as well .

i have this thing that cant change . i usually become paranoid when it comes to work , friends and others. it's really bad but im trying to change . it's really hard but well i have to try rite ? gah and many other flaws . i admit im not that perfect but i accepted it and willing to change for the better.

that's practically my day .. the rest is all boring

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

cant believe it ..

omg !! i'm freaking worried now . first i found out that i have forgotten bout the chemistry test tomorrow but already studied for it and now my sick baby doesnt pick up the phone on me . i really hope you'd get better . i dont know if he's in the hospital or not . gah me and my paranoia . he doesnt let me visit him cause he wants me to study -.- okay fine after school . nooo . i dont feel secured with whatever you say till i see it for myself . i know you care alot but you cant be saying everything's okay when its not . that's till i say its okay .

i'm left with my oh so many thoughts with the things that could possibly happen ...

Monday, March 1, 2010

am i to keep smiling for the sake of it ?

this is benny (: so adorable but freakin huge

have been having uneasy feelings for the past few days . well probably just insecure , about stuff . couldn't really think bout anything else but to be hurt once more with my over thinking of stuff. really hate it when i do that but it has been a bad habit ever since i was young . i cant mention about it at all .

chemistry is killing me in the process too . and everything has been trying to kill me for the past few days . i really hope this would pass soon cause if this were to continue , i'd probably break down .