Monday, June 29, 2009

just beat it !!

as you all know i had my orchestra last night well the ones that are up to date with my blog . it was one heck of a night but we had to learn a last minute song . it was a tribute to michael jackson we played beat it ! we manage to pull it off though . throughout the whole orchestra i had a great experience and made friends . hope it doesnt end there . i had a whole ton of fun but at the same time it made me tired after playing so many songs . thanks ducky for being there (: its much appreciated , eventhough i didnt know you were there .
nicholas cheng ! solo violinist (:
to my friend dumbo , i know your facing a hard time now . im sure you'll get over it but its gonna take some time for it to heal . dont loose hope yea ? you still got me and your buddies . take the advice i've given you and hope it helps you overcome this obstacle and others ahead .
bryan ! (:
school is starting soon !!!! lol 14 days more to go and 10 more days to orientation day (: super excited . hope its up to my expectations , all mixed feelings in me . other than that i have alot to catch up once i start schooling . hmm might be watching transformers soon . anyways later !
bryan , sheu wei ( violin teacher ) & i (:

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