Friday, June 27, 2008

i know you've heard this before

weeee bored in class :P i have no comments :D i was just bored
if you people missed it this was the dare , laugh your heads off :)
ee lin tried to be a rapper xD haha

haha today was ok .. went to school and you know what .. AIMAN IS BACK xD i really thought he wouldn't come back to srikl anymore but he did haha welcome back aiman :P .. later on i met up with megan a very good friend of mine but haven't been talking to her in ages .. haha oh crap come to think of it i didn't take pictures with her .. damn .. oh well i hope she visits again .. i really wanted a picture with her .. anyways .. me and su mae like took up a dare to tie our hair into two ponytails ... hahaha i really look like some small kid xD .. memories hahaha .. we kept it on until school ends .. lots of people commented on my hair haha some says it looks funny , some says it looks cute , and well others think its a new look hahaha .. im never gonna do that again ..

Thursday, June 26, 2008


hope yea have a great day !! ... although we aren't as close but haha who cares we can if we want to xD ... cake was on my face haha .. well yeaa

ok i don't wanna sound sad or anything but its what I'm going through .. i don't know why but i just can't act as if we are just friends .. i mean we have gone through alot .. i know i don't wanna loose you as a friend but .. it just feels weird .. i know after all the argument and even in front of the teachers .. having feelings and all .. i know you are taking the blame , its sweet and all but i feel bad ..

looking at you with your friends without me is just sad .. forgetting isn't easy .. cause i really gave it all to you .. and maybe i was a fool but its just to show that i cant forget about you.. i tried talking to you .. and we act as if we are only friends but i don't know what is there to do.. we weren't actually fighting over anything at all .. its just because you heard rumours .. i don't know whether you still feel the same way after the way i have treated you lately .. but i hope you do ..

relationships is just like a roller coaster it goes up and down .. where else in relationships there are also their ups and downs .. the longer we try to stay up the worst it becomes when it comes down .. so our argument is part of a relationship without it .. it wouldn't be considered as a relationship anymore .. so people .. i need advice now ..

Monday, June 23, 2008


things just went from frown to upside down .. I'm me again .. thanks .. for telling me the truth this one i wanna tell the world .. :D haha things are getting better and the wound is healing .. waiting for greater things to come especially pmr dumm dumm dummmmmmmmm !! xD hahaha just so happy now that i finally gotten what i wanted .. and everything is coming to its place so I'm backkkk!! haha thanks girls for being there for me .. mrs.chong for telling me stuff?? hahaa weird but thanks .. and brandon .. although we went through a very hard time but that's part of life and part of a relationship .. things are like a roller coaster it goes up and down .. so that's part of it .. good nightt !!

when innocence's meets the devil

today was the worst day of my life ... goshh .. I'm not gonna say what but it just is .. :/ i have never been so embarrass .. haihh .. maybe your right .. we just weren't meant to be .. sorry for getting you in trouble .. sorry for everything .. I'm even sorry that we were even together .. it was great but it just caused problems and it cause us our friendship .. I'm ok now i guess .. i bet my parents are going to give me the one hour talk soon .. guess that's just it .. goodnight

Sunday, June 22, 2008

leave us alonee!!

today wasn't so fantastic but it will do for a boring day .. lets see i woke up at 7:45 and got up of bed .. ding dong went up and down then my mom bug me out the house even though i wasn't well then went to the bank to help her bank in a few cheque's , got the mail for her did the groceries and yea .. although it was boring but its better than just staying home i guess .. after reading all the mail .. i found out something really gross .. although i have broken up with brandon there is no right for whoever to treat him this way .. with all your pathetic fights .. its never gonna solve anything cause I'm not going to be with you fabian .. so leave him alone .. he has nothing to do with it .. we might not be together but i still care a little for him kay ..

just leave me and him alone get it ... yeshh .. you people are so inconsiderate .. already its bad enough I'm no longer with him .. then you wanna start a stupid fight about it .. haihhhzz .. i might not be that kind of girl that starts a fight or be some sort of tomboy but i hate it when all this starts.. I'm seriously angry ..

Saturday, June 21, 2008

emotions rising ..

knowing that i have lost a good friend and a lover .. its sad but whoever or what gave you the idea to do this to me was wrong .. and you know that .. what i posted earlier was when i was angry , sad , unsatisfied ,and confused .. maybe its karma that's getting back to me .. knowing that i myself have done wrong in my past .. although i accept the fact that we are no longer together but deep in me misses you badly .. trying to forget about everything doesn't work overnight but its coming together i think :/ anyways thanks for all the good times that i will cherish ... and thanks to my friends that have been there for me when i wasn't myself .. thanks for trying eugene , katie , eelin for cheering me up ..

from eelin :

Hearts need a mind, like a clock needs the time.
Like white needs black, if you leave
I hope you'll need to come back.

well i hope you do till then goodbye ......... and good night

Friday, June 20, 2008

so long and goodnight

i thought i believe in something .. believe that i was in love and trust but it all went away when i gave all that away .. now that i'm no longer yours i have to start getting on my feet and forget about you .. although I'm still confused and don't know what the heck is going on but i guess it doesn't matter anymore .. it can remain a mystery for me ..

so goodbye .. we have done lots of things together but my life has to move on .. putting the blame on someone like you is useless .. i got advice from friends and their reply was not to be with him .. firstly he is young so young guys mature later .. secondly you shouldn't give all your trust to him so fast as he or she has to gain it before you start anything .. well it was nice at first but now its nothing ..

we were once together
but then we realise that it wouldn't last forever
after believing
things didn't went the way it should
we wish our goodbyes
and hope for a better future

this is the last chapter of my book and now a new chapter begins for me .. for all the things i will have to face .. dont feel bad for me cause this is a lesson that is learned ..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


today wasn't as perfect.. i got gossiped by a bloody big mouth teacher which was about me .. and its spreading to the whole world .. damn my relationship is crucial again , sadly ... hmmm my whole day was pretty boring as usual .. cheer wasn't so good either cause i kept on dropping .. haihhhh sorry to bore you people reading this but it ain't good for me too .. so you guys have to bare with it .. things aren't going as well as i hoped for .. so hopefully things will get back to the way it was before ..

good night !! ...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

dummy :D

sorry for not blogging for so long xD have been really busy with my sejarah project , school work and cyrens :D anyways nothing much happen today .. i woke up and got to school by 9:00 .. then i went to have a look at how red house was doing in football .. then went up to the gym and practised .. when i got down i saw brandon :P haha he looked like some nerd xD with the specs haha then i waited in school with brandon and my friends for my mom to pick me up .. i saw zhou wei and brandon lin too with his tamakuchi or something like that ( the little game ) haha when my mom came then she talk to a parent for a very long time so i went to watch football again :P haha later when i got home i watched some tv , got online , did my sejarah project and walked my dog .. then he ran away to my neighbours house haha talked to yuhan for some time .. it was nice seeing him after a long time .. then i got home and here i am :D soo thats all for today goodnight :D

Monday, June 9, 2008


It was so great to be back in school .. i was getting a little bit bored with the holidays .. without seeing my friends and brandon .. :P this is where all the stress is gonna built up .. with the drilling's for pmr .. hahaha and I'm still laughing xD I felt as if today past so fast .. I guess I had too much work to do that to worry about the time .. to know that i havent done anything for my sejarah project was very convincing xD .. I'm gonna get it .. after school i had cheer .. we didnt really do much other than flying .. i drop allot of times .. and i think i nearly sprain my ankle .. well thank god that didn't happen .. as i arrived home i saw my dad talking to one of the math pmr examiner .. :D haha talk to him and he was like "the paper is very easy" .. so don't worry so much hahaha .. such great advice .. anyways i didn't really do much was just doing some of the sejarah project and ate dinner .. okiee that's all I've got for today so goodnight :)

Friday, June 6, 2008


i got my iPhone :D yayee !! dad surprised me hehe .. then i got back together with brandon .. its was really critical.. but thanks alot :P for getting back together with me .. anyways .. i went out shopping didnt get much but i did get a couple of stuff.. all i can say is that im super happy .. i didnt do much though .. well i went to the gardens at Robbinsons .. and it was crazy cause there was this mega sale .. xD everybody was rushing for stuff from handbags , shoes , clothes , lingerie haha but the most was the men's section .. there was nothing much in the ladies section though .. i spotted this super cute pencil box from lulu but couldnt get it .. my mom thought i was crazy .. haha i also saw this nice hand bag from rocco something rocco xD ( forgotten the name ) it was nice but when i look at the price firsty it wasnt on sale , secondly because its a new arrival and third it was 300 to 400 something :P .. hehe sooo thats all i've gotta say so far.. so gd nite :D

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


i never regreat about having a relationship with you .. its just that .. i find it wasted .. after spending my time with you .. and after what we have been through .. soo .. but i dont really know now .. :/


i dont know what to say .. is my love life about to end?? .. well it seems as though it is .. after what i had been through .. i dont think i will ever repeat this sort of thing again .. sometimes i just sit and wonder .. why do i do such things.. sometimes its hard to admit .. and otherwise its hard to forget .. instead i follow the heart .. but i guess it was just wrong .. i apologize to my friends for the way i have been treating you throughout my relationship with brandon .. people tell me he's a player , and others tell me he will be exactly like his brother but i didnt trust them .. i believe that he could do so much more than that .. now i dont know whether im doing the right thing ..

Sunday, June 1, 2008


i woke up after my mom knock on my door .. i was still dead on my bed after half an hour , i manage to get up and go for my class .. well one thing is that the people in my class is kinda weird haha .. i dont think i actually mix with the people there .. anyways after that we had a lunch break .. everybody going their seperate ways .. and i alone was walking along the shoplots on my way to starbucks.. gosh it was creepy nearly all the shoplots are closed maybe 20% of the shoplots there are open .. i was walking as fast as i could just to get over it .. then started dailing friends to have lunch with me but none made it .. soo i felt like some loner haha after my lunch i was walking soo fast with my flats xD reach the class on time and didnt wanted to spend anymore time outside .. after the class has ended i got home watch some tv .. studied abit here and there and now blogging .. :P well thats all i got soo far.. i miss brandon , myra and the others .. anyways hope you guys enjoy a little part of my life :D