Monday, July 6, 2009

when you and i collide ...

this is scary my right ear has been bleeding since this morning till now but it isnt as bad as earlier . well hope its nothing serious . havent been as productive as usual . have nothing to blog about soo just thought of a poem (:

i wandered as i stare up to the skies above
what's my purpose here in this world filled with love ?
the question replaying itself
like an old broken up record in my thoughts of wealth

suddenly in this empty thought of mine your image appeared
maybe its a gut feeling thats filled with fear
who would know
if there is this thing called love

taking baby steps to this new topic
slowly and steadily
later on when it's perfected
i'll take flight
with you by my side

lol i'll reblog later .. till i have something to write (: sorry if the poem sucks it took me 5 mins to come up with it . later loves

xoxo's !

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