Tuesday, September 29, 2009

love the dog ? wait till you see the owner !

i have no school tmrw , but i still have to wake up early cause mommy has work . lol i have tons of homework to finsih up . lets just hope i'll be able to finish up my homework early . hate knowing the fact that i still got work to finish up . had drama today (: im rapunsel that has super duper long hair. oh yea anyone going to the all american rejects concert ? let me know (:

signing off
xoxo's !

Monday, September 28, 2009

i used to be love drunk ...

had school as usual , now im given tons of work to do which im not sure how im suppose to finish by the end of this week, not only that during that week i also have my quiz and tests . lol its starting to get annoying . during pe we had to bring out all the chairs , the carry each and everyone in our group with the chair around the arranged chairs and the stack them up again . lol was super tiring but fun , especially when it comes down to the heavy people :D

these are a couple of pictures of the hotel rooms we visited in sepang. It seems that their selling these rooms but it cost like from 500,000 to 3 million plus plus depending on the size of the room and the placing of the room . but the rooms are awesome . and if your not staying there they will be renting out the room for you (:

stayed back today , and was supposed to have volleyball but it was canceled so i went for band . oh yea happy birthday andrien (: i know i've wished you already but its an extra wish yea ? hang out with some friends and went home . lol edward sent me home today , havent talk to him in ages ever since he and i left srikl and was no longer in the bus . it was a fun car ride (:

rina signing off
xoxo's !

Sunday, September 27, 2009

faith is something that i want to believe in

school starts tomorrow , the funny thing about it is when school is starting i have to rush finishing my homework and stuff . thought i might not be able to finish it up but there you go its done (: went to melaka yesterday for my dad friends daughter wedding so left home at bout 6 ? reached there bout 7 plus . on the table was my uncle , 2 aunties of mine and this 2 random couple . and omg they couldnt stop talking . i was just too tired and lazy to respond and so was my mom so we kept on nodding .

when we tried to look away the couple can like wave and call me eh girl girl . i really didnt wanna talk at all . they are some quite old couple probably bout 45 plus or something . do you know what he told me ? he told me he goes to the disco last time and he had tons of girlfriends but he ended up marrying his wife cause she can cook and clean -.-'' i was like thinking in my thoughts , if your looking for a woman like that might as well marry a maid. i mean dont people marry each other cause they wanna take care and support each other . Loving one another and stuff like that but nooo because she can cook .. im speechless .

rina signing off ..

Friday, September 25, 2009

why do you have to leave me now ?

RIP to my rabbit , snowbell .. you were a good bunny . i love you so much . didnt know you passed till i was feeding you . i was so shocked , she was out cold . ): and now she's dead . she is as old as my house . i still dont get why you have to die on my so fast .

all things have to die some day , you may be gone but the memories of you will never die

i'll miss you dearly . this is so not my week . 2 lives just left my family this week . T.T

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

baby what you see is what you get !

today i am suppose to be on vegetarian . so mommy and i went to this vegetarian restaurant and ordered is mok butter prawns , mok cod fish , some tofu and vege's haha i love the prawns though (: tastes so real . when its soo fake haha . i didnt go out today , when i was suppose to go out for shopping with my mom . it seems that no one is looking after my brother so yea .

this pic was taken a super long time ago

i still have my photography assignment to do , gah im so lazy to do it . thats bout all . till i think of something to blog bout

xoxo's !

Monday, September 21, 2009

yesterday you were here , the next you were gone

RIP tata singapore . may you rest in peace ..

you've been through so much suffering lately and now he will be free from all the suffering . he was a great man and smart too . we'll miss him alot when he's gone .

i just came back from singapore for the funeral and well i have to be a vegetarian for at least minimum 3 days so yea . i've got nothin much to say bout this trip .

xoxo's ! we love you lots tata

Friday, September 18, 2009

run around up and down

i thought i could sleep late since i didnt have school tmrw and i would have nothing better to do the next day . soo i went to sleep at bout 12 plus ? going to be 1 i think and the next morning one my one of my family members busting in my room getting things and putting stuff in my room . here i was trying to get my sleep instead i had to get the door every time they were knocking .

while that was done , my mom wanted to go pyramid so okay we did , i met up with steph , ratri and aaron . i bumped into lots of friends in pyramid , haha was coincidence i guess (: i was there early non of the girls were there just yet soo i hanged out with aaron first . we went skating (: haha was pretty funny . then later met up with steph and ratri to watch the ugly truth i would give a rating of 8.5 / 10 . head back home , rushed for my piano & violin classes and got home . was too tired to do anything so just watched some tv and yea thats my day practically .

i had fun today guys (: we should go out more often .


Thursday, September 17, 2009

waiting for new moon !

we were at the bowling alley

halfway during my math test they announced saying we're not having school tmrw ! and classes will be cut 10 mins shorter so it started out great really (: . didnt get homework from my pe and math teacher but i did get some from my science and IT teacher . so gotta finish that up so that i can go out without any worries . After that we got our sort of mid term report . lol i guess my results were okay except for my maths . im not satisfied but i'm sure i'll improve .

the funny thing is i need these pictures for science xD its my homework so yea

after school i went for bowling with mr. owen and a couple of friends at sunway pyramid . played bout 2 games and after that it was over . celine was super funny . i love the way she bowls she just throws the ball and it hits most of the pins down (: dont underestimate her . after that waited for daddy to come with aaron's company . head home , and here i am .

xoxo's !

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

evacuate the dance floor !

probably its time for change , after 8 months of my anti boyfriend phase , so far so good now just 4 more months and im home free (: . well i do admit i miss having one and all , but it provides me with less problems and complications compared to being in a relationship . well lots of my friends ask me this question really , well this is more like a confession . i really want to prove a point not only to myself but to others . i know i have been really off last year , well actually i just go with the flow with everything and just very carefree , this is how it turns out to be.

now that i've come to my senses i realized that i was really such a slut in a way , but during that time i was going through alot of things ( which im not going to explain myself ) . but its not an excuse for my doings . well now you know my reasons . its quite embarrassing admitting this on my blog but its just something that i've been keeping away from people . hope you guys understand , its up to you to trust me or not but yea . a lil more info bout me (: nights !


Monday, September 14, 2009

im gonna own you !

had volleyball today ! (: gosh it was awesome , its been like 10 - 11 months since i played . haha miss the sport so much . well school was school nothing much there . tomorrow i have drama , gah and i havent been practicing my lines for it . lol but i hope i can pull it of (:

we're awesome !

other than that i will be quite busy for now , just came back and soo exhausted after playing . i'll probably sleep early since after pe class i was like dozing of during my IT class . lucky my teacher was kinda busy so i get like 5 - 10 mins sleep . i feel like some pig but anyways i'll been going off early tonight soo later ! (:

xoxo's !

Sunday, September 13, 2009

i'm a tattoo artist !

today was soo boring , but since i had so much time i was playing with photoshop and i found out how to change hair color and add tattoo's so i was like think what would i look like with a tattoo (:
its making me tempted to get my own , but have to give it more thought cause its like a forever thing soo im still not sure . but it sure looks cool .

the tattoo over the shoulder

oh and yesterday i went out with ilya and jenny to sunway bout 4 ? . we finished up our assignment and watched final destination 4 . lol the whole thing is super duper gross , its not scary but its gross haha . i'll give it a 5/10 .

tattoo at my leg

" where are you ? i have been waiting for you up in my tower "


Friday, September 11, 2009

i must be paranoid !

i have soo much work to do . i probably might not be resting much with all the activities that im taking , its not really helping . but anyways we had open mic after school . went to see while waiting for my mom to pick me up . lol most of them was good (:

so far i have photography , and math . though it may seem that its only 2 subjects but tons of homework was given and not only that i have to practice for drama and the school band . yes i seem like some geek (: but its okay i guess . i cant wait for the one week break that we're having . i need it before i burn out .

enough of my complains (: and i'll try to get something more interesting to blog about .


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

im still waiting (:

these were the pictures of our second last camp during the flying fox (:
i have a damn funny picture of me in a wonder woman's body soo i'll post that up probably tomorrow since i've got nothing to post about you people would probably get a good laugh :D

school has been tiring as always and i've been staying back alot these couple of days which shows that i have less time for myself and all . sorry bout that yea ? anyways i'll try my best to blog tmrw


Sunday, September 6, 2009

200th post !!

lol that took awhile . anyways today i went out with mom to sunway pyramid , she did her things and i did mine . while lingering around the mall it seems that their having that hip hop dance auditions thingy forgotten what its actually called but anyways it was cool (: . though it was hot , sweaty , smelly and filled with people all around me but i just stayed to watch .

excuse the face . the camera is stupid.

before that i went to check out the stores to see whats new . found this cute dress but they dont have my size . im not sure if it even suits me . well give your opinion on that . later met up with mom had a drink with her and we went back home . when i arrived , changed to home clothes and bath my doggie . i got 11 mosquito bites and i smell because of you . but i still love you (: neways done that wash up a bit and here i am .

this pic is blurr but anyways this is my distant cousin ian tye ! (:

" it sucks to know that you cant count on anybody , knowing you cant love somebody , especially when the world is not alone except you "

xoxo's !

Saturday, September 5, 2009

i want you to know !

hey im sorry for not blogging soo long (: forgive me
for these holidays i dont have that much homework so i have spare time to blog

on thursday we went for a trip to idk where but we had a scavenger hunt to do. it was pretty tiring cause it seems that my team went the wrong way lol so we had to do alot of things . some of them are really ridiculous but it was fun i guess. i'll get pics up later .

i sprain my ankle again ..

earlier today i went out with my mom to curve to get afew things and watched imagine that (: it was pretty cute really . i'll give it a 7.5/10 . haha its a good movie . (: later ate at the apartment with my parents and i dont like it . it was bad food . got home and now planning on working out (: feeling fat again haha

later !