Saturday, July 25, 2009

my life would suck without you!

this post is for yesterday.
gosh i find the whole day a lil stupid. i met up with jenny and mahendra to the theatre's. movie starts at 10:45 am and we were a lil late and arrived around 10:55. we rushed and when we got to our seats they weren't playing the movie . lol i didn't have my breakfast yet so i bought myself a hot dog. i tried to get other snacks but i was scared we might miss the first part of the movie. so anyways we sat down on our seats and wait, wait and wait some more and then they announce "sorry for the hold up, the movie will be playing shortly" and that was half an hour later. so okay la we wait , wait then 10mins later they ask us to switch theatre's. we did and we wait for another 10 mins for them to start playing and even then it was the advertisements first. im like omgggg. all together we waited for an hour for the movie to start.

but harry potter was good (: i'll give the movie a 7/10 but there are more love scene's than adventure soo i guess its good for couples ? but thank god my mom was understanding today cause she had to wait for me. love you mom ! (: anyways im still wanting to watch transformers. i know its good bla bla bla i should watch. but im not sure when. later did some errands and got home. and i started doing my homework, eat go online and sleep.

later loves

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