Friday, July 31, 2009

your voice was all i heard ....

hey ! (: well though i had half day of school i dont know why but lol i have became more serious lately. sorry guys . probably its the monthly thing you know ? anyways i seriously miss my friends now . gah i remember all the memories kept with me in images. i was browsing through the other day. all of us is changing by the day, i just hope it wont be so drastic so that i can keep up with you.

i have been tired nearly everyday cause maybe i dont really have time for myself and now its not getting any better cause my cousins will be staying over for 2 weeks? not sure how i'm going to get my own time. so i apologize if you know i dont answer your calls or dont really respond to your text just for 2 weeks. yea its pretty long but it'll be over soon.

later loves

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