Saturday, February 27, 2010

i'm addicted to you !

havent been updating lately cause i was just not in the mood to blog.

well couple of days ago i had the first cheer practice for my school. was really satisfied with what we manage to accomplish after just 1 and a half hours ? and its most of their first time ever doing cheer. thanks leexian for helping me teach the new people . it's really difficult but we made it through . and thanks cheerleaders for coming that day . it was a real good practice and waiting to see you guys for the next practice.

other than that i went to hana's house to finish of the english assignment and i managed to edit it the following day . gosh her dogs were huge but so adorable . this is probably the 2 week or 3 week since i've seen my baby . gosh miss him soo much but i cant do anything about it . well thats all really , other than that nothin much happen . just another week of more school :/


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i want your horror, i want your disease !

i cut my hair !! its not a bad hair cut but it sure is short . much shorter than before . will post the picture for the next post (: sadly my fingers are sore from trying to pick up the guitar after playing for bout an hour ? as for my cheer team . im really not sure cause some of the people are not commited as i wished they were . and im only with 11 people including myself . ish this is hard

i think for this whole week im not gonna go for any extra activities . i have been sooo tired and get headaches after school . at times i feel like throwing out . dont know why i feel this way for the past couple of days when im done with school . probably just tired i guess.

now im freaking out cause my partner for the civics project still havent pass up his part of the project to me . i dont know how i am gonna put it together if he's not done with his. geez im so done with mine but i cant print until i got his . and even if i gotten his work i still have to edit it . further more civics is during the first period . somebody kill me XO.

was also look at super hot heels but sadly i'm not sure if i'll be able to walk in them due to the height . yes i dont usually walk in heels so imagine my heel is 10cm high . probably dying to my feet. it aint cheap either so not sure if i should get it .

i'm dying here without you ...
xoxo's !

Sunday, February 21, 2010

the sun is shinning from your bedroom window ..

Saturday ! (:

went out with the family to sunway pyramid to watch the tooth fairy (: it's not bad really i'll give it a 6.5/10 cause the jokes are veryy lame soo sometimes it isnt that funny but its okay . then finally got a guitar for myself but now i'm trying my best to pick it up . practically tried playing it till 9 then talk to the boyfriend till midnight . poor baby (: thanks alot hun . he's super exhausted but still want to layan me .

Sunday !

then as for today i went out with my mom practically the whole day cause she cannot make up her mind -.- ended up walking everywhere and back to the same store twice just to find out bout the types of laptops . and she ended up with a white vaio. goshh this seriously took too long . got soo tired and bored at the same time . this whole week of holidays wasnt as interesting as i thought it would be since everything just didnt go my way well for some of it that is .

better start on chemistry .

xoxo's !

Friday, February 19, 2010

feel so loved but broken ...

i never felt so needy before ,
not seeing you has deepen the knife ,
but dont get me wrong ,
been loving you since ,

just sometimes i wish i could be there ,
seeing you day by day ,
not even seeing you for a week feels like forever ,
missing every inch of you ,

but it's what makes me stronger ,
to be able to resist my wants ,
i'm pretty sure if we were meant to be ,
faith will find its way to bring us together .

xoxo's !

Thursday, February 18, 2010

do you know what ya got into ?

it doesnt bother me that your talking behind my back (:
cause it shows how low you are
and how threaten you are towards me

Monday, February 15, 2010

i won't hesitate !

this is my aunt that made " the look "

lol we're giving " the look " created by my aunt (:

the geeky bf (:

Chinese New Year is a bummer since im not allowed to go visiting i dont see the point in celebrating or going back in the first place other than spend time with my grandparents and a few of my cousins. Didnt manage to keep in touch with the bf, something is really wrong with that boy's phone.

other than that i just came back from melaka and will be going back again on wednesday . since my mom promised me shopping cause we were deciding whether we should be staying in some hotel while we're there but instead the hotels cost a bomb just for 2 nights at least 1k . so mom was like i rather spend that money on you then you'll be able to shop so why not.

the only thing im looking forward this week is being able to spend time with my cousins on thursday if they were to spent a couple of nights in my place and seeing the bf on saturday ! (: for now i have to finish up my homework that's being left behind.

xoxo's !

Saturday, February 13, 2010

turn it up, heat it up i need to be entertained !!

CNY wont be as interesting as it suppose to be since i cant go visiting and all . soo just gonna sit in the house proabably do my homework . sad now isnt it . i so want another puppy so for scamp to have another friend other that me . it gets annoying and sad when he always wants to play around and stuff . its just that im the only person that's taking care of him . and since he's not allowed in the house due to my maid so he's outside most of the time.


further more i'll only see the bf like probably next week and he and i come back from our individual hometowns . i dont feel the cny spirit anymore . well it doesnt feel as exciting as how it used to be . going to take my licence soon !! and then pick a car ;)
but first licence it is. . .


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The LOOK!! 0.o

~ Yesterday ~
had dinner with the family including cousins, aunts and uncles.
had chinese actually one of the best char siew (:
it was fun being together with the family after a long time
but eventually we all know that i'd end up working the fats out.
pretty tiring day like right after school studied chemistry with a friend
went for violin class and straight away got ready to go for dinner

but seriously thank god i didnt have much homework.
i'd probably die
by the time i got home i was pretty pooped out cause its nearly 12

Today ?
suppose to study chemistry with a friend again
meet the boyfriend ? well maybe
then study, homework, study
and thats bout it really other than the fact that

of way my teacher teaches chemistry it never did made me understand anything . until i started studying by myself and got some friends help . she just makes things way too complicated that it suppose to be really.

CNY is coming (:
one week of holidays is what i need .
xoxo's !

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i remember what you wore on the first day ..

believe it or not i have never became so expressive bout anything . really miss him tons . yesh i sound like those overated couples xD haha oh well . anyways practically my day has been really tiring + boring. have tons of homework today so wont be blogging much .

the only that had to ruin my day was chemistry. yeshhh after missing about 6 days during the course like not in the beginning but towards the middle . im trying my best to cope with it . i have never struggled with a course before and well can say there's a first for everything .

didnt go tennis today cause i was super exhausted from yesterday and have tons of homework so it's just going to make things worst if i went .


Monday, February 8, 2010

it's a bright sunny day !

rock onn !

yesterday was the best day ever (: i stayed at home so learned how to cook from my other grandma from singapore . She's soo cute seriously (: damn adorable , i painted her nails :D haha and she kept on laughing . Then later in the evening i went ping pong with edward then right after that met with the boyfriend (: Thank you hun for the gift ! love you .

The giraffe jump over the moon !

Right after that i headed home from the park and dad just arrived home . had a small family gathering and tonight i'm going out for dinner . goshh since im going to be eating alot while my grandma is stuffing me down with food just finish doing 150 crunches !! (: super tired . played volleyball and ran back . Dont have that much homework . and scored for the history test ! :D

you can say i'm progressing (: really .. life has been good so far after the devastating lost i had . im sure she's up there watching after me to ensure everything happens at the right time and moment . now all thats on the list is practising my violin , study and learn how to play the guitar , and my life would be complete for now that is .

xoxo's ciaos babes ! (:

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wednesday !!

well since im just sitting around might as well blog for abit ;) i had school as usual . but stayed back for tennis (: this is like probably the 5th time i have ever played the game. I admit i suck alot at it but im trying . its super tiring cause the wonderful sun decided to be there . LOL i sweat in minutes and that doesnt usually happen.

I got home , since my maid isnt around for awhile my room + house is in a mess practically . The house is sooo big to maintain . i had tons of chores to do and so did my mom . practically she dragged me down with her though i have tons of work and stuff to do .

plus had to take care of my doggie , cat , fish & turtle . LOL eversince she came back today the house is abit more cleaner . i did my part to help now , even learned how to cook in the process. not an easy job i must say and im suppose to go to the gym which i nvr end up going due to all this.

the cheerleading team im gonna put together might just work. all i need to do is make the announcement , the people are there and HARDCORE TRAINING ! haha wish me luck . lets see if we have enough time to participate in the cheer 2010 . lol doubt it but there's always hope (:


Thursday, February 4, 2010


sorry havent been updating , well cause i fell sick with a super bad sore throat and a fever soo was too tired to update. even then there was soo many test and quizzes going on and had to go back to melaka again for the final prayer of my late grandmother.

so much has been going on but guys everything is fine with be and the boyfriend. just had some complications earlier soo yea (: lol my lesbo cousins well couldnt camwhore that day cause i didnt bring my camera.

have to finish up all the previous homework .. .damn wish me luck


Monday, February 1, 2010

that same old broken down road ..

i was ready to face many disappointments in life, cause thats how life is .. its screwed up really .

but we still continue to live, why ? is it not to disappoint our loved ones ? cause we're just scared to die ? suffering in life is just the things that happen everyday . even now . everyday we learn from our mistakes but why didnt i ?

trying to be able to trust a person with something valuable as love is something very hard to do.
but i trust you anyways cause i know you wouldnt do anything to harm it .
but its okay, it wasn't anybody's fault .
all i know is that i gave my all and that i did try .
if it just couldn't work now maybe it will in the future .

don't feel sorry for me . cause i had the best moments of my life (: