Sunday, July 12, 2009

Don Giovanni !

this is the post for yesterday and today (:

well practically i went out with my friends to sunway to watch ice age 3 (: myra , andrien , sam , eelin , rizki , mun ching , su mae , audrey & rachel . well thats the ones i remember . haha i give the rate for ice age 3 6.5 / 10 not bad actually but i still didnt manage to watch transformers .

my doggie (:

anyways later on when everybody left it was left with sam , jackson , rachel and i . we went to that lala place xD to take the pictures in that photo booth . quite cute but i havent manage to find the time to download the pictures . will do them later or tomorrow .

later the next day i went for my orchestra lol and one of the songs we played that made me so exhausted is the don giovanni song by mozart haha its super tiring to play but fun though . other than that im going to school tomorrow ! (: my first day of school after such a long time . well cant wait actually (: . later love !

xoxo's !

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