Sunday, August 30, 2009

your my drug .. love

someone else has appeared from the past . . . probably its just what i need (: though your far but distance doesn't really matter as long as it keeps on going .

yesterday my family went for dinner to my cousin cousin's place (: haha had fun there , lol played with the wii (: , chat with my other cousins and camwhored ! WHO IS AWESOME NOW ! ( inside joke ) lol but pics will come in later cause its not through my phone . i have to get it form them later on . ate dinner , hang around and went back about 10:30 .

and im going to malacca soon to visit my grandparents , it seems that my poh poh ( grandma ) is not feeling too well so just going to visit and probably start eating the awesome food and will head back , and probably gonna rush doing my homework , havent really touched it yet .


Friday, August 28, 2009

i make'em good girls go bad !!

i really dont know what to blog about cause most of my days now is good but its same old same old . but if somethings up i'll blog about it (: im waiting for the final destination to come out and most probably gonna finish up my homework and watch BRING IT ON ! (:

i hate knowing that your not going to be there for me , knowing that i have lost everything that i've worked for , got in trouble for all the boundaries that i broke and its all because of you. Sometimes i wonder were you that blur not to know ? or did you just choosed to ignore it .

xoxo's !

Thursday, August 27, 2009

im in love with stacy's mom ! (:

im feeling alot better now after sleeping for so long . im probably so dead yesterday due to lack of sleep and suddenly jumping , climbing , running , carrying , and pulling for the whole day might have scared my body (:

now after sleeping so long i didnt manage to do my homework at all , now im catching up with all the homework and boy do i feel like stopping . just thought i blogged for awhile haha an excuse to stop me from doing my homework i suppose ? anyways i have to get back to my work , and tmrw is dress up day ! . lol its a merdeka theme . so following the colours of the flag (:

a friend said that i really look sick in the photo that i just posted up , haha i really hope i dont look that sick . all because of pe ! i can show you the number of things we did and i think you'll drop dead too .

" when selfishness and pride gets in the way , everything leads to forgiveness " dont loose what you have now .


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i think im falling for you ...

hey i have been really exhausted nowadays with me having pe everyday is very tiring and we just came back from an obstacle course in broga . the flying fox was kinda scary due to the height but it was fun (: but now im suffering from a strain neck , aching body and bigger panda eyes . so im not sure whether it was such a good thing or not .

dont think i can take it if this go on every single day . lol my body parts might break off from my body xD . anyways to my friend ratri hope you'd get well soon . take care of yourself yea ? i feel so grouchy nowadays due to my aching and tired up body . i'll try to get up on my feet to keep on blogging yea ?

" open up your eyes , cause the girl your looking for might be nearer than you think " dont loose the chance when you have it . take every opportunity that's offered to you.

xoxo's !

Sunday, August 23, 2009

i am nothing without you ..

funny thing is my holidays are ending and for you guys its just starting . now that isnt fair . (: anyways school is starting tomorrow for me that is . well my holidays arent that interesting but i've watched the proposal with my mom in ou (: it was a really good movie to me i'll rate it a 9 / 10 .
the other day i went to sunway pyramid with my mom when we actually suppose to go to ou to watch the proposal . since the planning was so last minute and i have to get home by 4 for my music classes the only movie where we can watch was dance flick and omg it was the worst movie ever. i only liked the beginning and after that it was horrible. i'll rate it a 0.5 / 10 . and the funny thing is i watched this with my mom . after watching the movie half way i asked my mom to ditch it . its soo embarassing watching it with her especially the fact that it is a very stupid movie .

later went to eat at bubba gump , well it was my first time there so didnt know what to eat and the selection of drinks and food is really limited . quite disappointed but some of the food was good but its not up to the standards of the pricing . after hearing from friends that it was the best and all turns out it was something like fridays & chilis but i rather pick that compared to bubba gump . i have no problems with it just that they mainly serve shrimp and steak . (:

oh before i forget : HAPPY BIRTHDAY RATRI !! (:

i'm kinda mad at a certain someone right now but since its his birthday :


he's the dude on your right

i met up with jenny in the morning to get ratri's birthday gift and the funny thing was we went to toys r us and they had ugly elmo's (: soo we were looking and looking then saw this flatten elmo that is in a flat box . we thought hey thats cute and it will be easier for us to wrap it up and all so yea and we got her a big lollipop to go along with it. it was suppose to deflate after that once you open the plastic covering. anyways when we got to ikea to meet up with the birthday girl she was a wee bit late .

plus jenny and i was pretty hungry and we dont think we could wait so we went to eat at italianies restaurant . after that we met up with ratri and her group of friends from sayfol and when we present her gift we saw in a plastic bag . it seems that one of her friends bought the the same thing . well our elmo is bigger but still . she got her an elmo and the same big lollipop . so now she has 2 of them . haha (:

im kinda addicted to this song <3
i dont want this moment to ever end
where everything's nothing without you
i'll wait here forever just to...
to see you smile cause its true
i am nothing without you

through it all i made my mistakes
i stumble and fall but i mean these words
i want you to know
with everything i wont let this go

these words are my heart and soul
i'll hold on to this moment you know
cause i bleed my heart out to show
and i wont let go

there's more to the song but not gonna post the whole lyrics here . (:
try to give a wild guess what song it is .

i've miss you guys alot lately . <3

xoxo's !

Thursday, August 20, 2009

you know you love me (:

gah i finish both seasons of gossip girl and waiting for the third season . i want to know what happens next since i have this half a week holiday. lol chase crawford is mine !! (: hehe . sorry i have nothing else to blog about


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

late at night !

happy birthday vigen !! (:

he's the one with the white top hat . lol

anyways this is one part of my family . gahh i miss them so much , the house has been so quiet lately without thier presence . come visit more often , im sure there's room for you guys .

we went to soulED out in sri hartamas (: it was pretty awesome when the whole family could get together . well mainly on the cousins part. stayed there till late at night and went home later after that.

Monday, August 17, 2009

is all broken up inside ..

sorry havent been blogging much but this is to replace my previous post.

went out with my cousins to ou . practically spent the whole day there. did some shopping , bowling , movies , ICE CREAM (: , more shopping . pool and arcade. it was fun we watched g.i joe .
i would give it a 9/10 it was pretty good if your interested in action movies . got home and watch more movies haha till late at night . im developing panda eyes after this .

woke up , packed to go to malacca to watch this event that was going on for my cousins to see.

im so sorry everything has been summarise but i've got quite lazy to blog lately. probably not in the mood i guess . if you guys show me that your interested on my blog then i wouold probably continue . (:

xoxo's !

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hush hush !

heeyy sorry havent been blogging lately. have been really busy but i'll blog more on monday (:

i'll be back !
xoxo's !

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

tonight's gonna be a good night !

im BACK!!!
gosh i went for camp yesterday and just came back and currently in school. The whole thing was fun and stupid. i love the waterfall it was beautiful (: and when we dip into that cool water after hiking for so long was fantastic . but after that everything fell apart. when we got back we played with the frisbee and tug of war. later when it hit nightfall it started to rain. everywhere was full. my tent was filled with water, 5 people's stuff and some mashed banana and oreo so you know how disgusting it was.

my tent dont have that rain sheet so we put another then over the tent but it didnt help much. The water manage to make its way into the tent but ratri was the one that was wet (: i slept in the middle. it wasnt comfortable at all but i was too tired to care. thanks for the call ;) . anyways then later at 5 something my friends phone rang and i woke up. gosh it seems that it was her alarm so with my sepet eyes i went through her bag to find her phone to shut it up. so i didnt really have a good sleep so i became really cranky. All we did while waiting for the bus to come was clean up and hang out by the river. haha worst sleeping experience ever !

later ! sorry if im being soo spoiled. just cant stand the fact i didnt have my sleep (:
xoxo's !

Saturday, August 8, 2009

everything is about you ..

last night i was pulled into going out with my cousin's family with my auntie to go out to some old people's night pub in bangsar. lol they were telling me arent i having so much fun ?? i was like like suree ( being sarcastic ) weeeee !! hahaha . but it was super gay where some of the old man dancing. my cousins and i couldnt stop laughing. got home bout 1 something and slept at 2 something.

today was more of a cousin outing . went to sunway with amanda and manju. all together we spend bout 7 hours in the mall lol going shopping , lala land and the theatre's . FINALLY i managed to watch transformers and it was awesome (: though the movie was quite long but it was great.

we sort of camwhored and i saw this real nice dress more for casual than formal. but they dont have my size no more. and if i really wanted it i would probably have to order it online. even then im not sure whether they will ship it to malaysia.

i'll post the rest of the pics later. toodles !


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

lets get sick together !

i think im getting sick . gah with all these diseases popping out of no where. i have been practically sneezing all morning till now and its getting annoying. i really do hope i would get better. i dont want to fall sick now, not till my cousins are here . we had photography yesterday and today, took a couple of photo's but i'll post them up later ! gotta get to class (: .


Monday, August 3, 2009

If I ....

If i hugged you,
would you ever let go ?

If i kissed you,
would you cherish that moment ?

If i reached for your hand,
will you gently take mine ?

If i needed a shoulder,
would you let me cry on yours ?

If i needed to talk,
would you really listen ?

If i needed to scream,
would you do it with me ?

If i needed to go,
would you come with me ?

If i fall for you
would you catch me?
or just let me hit the pavement?

xoxo's ! what happens if i said i love you ?