Saturday, April 14, 2012

alcoholic much ?

it's been awhile since i've been drinking and sometimes on good occasions it can just relief you from all the judgements and just sets you free .. this obviously cannot be over used if not it looses its value .. the meaning of living in the moment .. thats a thought to keep in mind ..

why do people turn to alcohol during good times and bad times ? and at most times its just to relief what people actually feel inside.. and because most asians have this habit of "being nice" all the time and to not hurt the feelings of the other party .. most of the truth is hidden .. alcohol is nearly a tool to let loose of all the fears and worries ..

just to not give a care in the world and just to reveal whats really inside .. hidden messages in everything we say and do .. directly and indirectly .. its just a fact that has been around for decades .. just something that popped in my mind .. anyways i'm off


It's nothing that we know ...

sometimes i wonder why life is such that pushes us to go against the rules, break our value and then we have to try to not repeat it again .. its quite ironic in that sense .. i've not been blogging since forever but it feels good to get back at it again .. i feel even at some point that all of us are just confused people that don't know what we want .. instead we set rules to tell us that this is our boundaries and nothing should go beyond that

to what extend do we dare to change into .. there is more out there that we don't know about .. things that we have not seen .. how can we judge what is right and wrong ? the ways in how our society is run ? the way our parents brought us up ? individual judgement ? the experience that we've went through that shapes our judgement ? endless amount of questions to point out different views from this aspect

where am i going with this ? honestly I'm not very sure .. but what i do know is that sometimes it's just best to let things be and see how it grows from there .. if it dies keep it in your memories , if it lives let it blossom our lives :)

nights !