Friday, July 10, 2009

has the whole wall of them just like you ...

lol omg then had the video of the campers and i previously playing this really cute game xD you could check it out on my facebook (: . cause i don't know how to put the video on my blog . anyways i looked pretty retarded xD .

lol i was seriously bored xD

today i had my second day of orientation , although we got lectured a lil but the rest of it was really fun . all the things we did in the school . cant imagine attending the school when this is just the orientation . it was cute really (: I'm satisfied with the responsibilities and work that I'm gonna face cause this learning programme is way diff compared to other schools . im pretty sure i can mix in well with the studies and activities they have in stored for the other students and myself .

lol and i love the library ! cant believe im saying this but i really love the library xD oh yeah and i learned russian language xD from a couple of russian friends that i've met . lets see if i got the spelling correctly yea ? " previet ! ya treblac lublu ! (: hehee lets see if you guys can figure that out

oh yea i have the czardas score !! (: hehe lol i dont care how hard the thing is im gonna get it right you'll see ! (: hope my violin can handle it xD

cant wait for monday (:
xoxo's !

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