Wednesday, May 26, 2010


oh yeahh !! party tonight !! schools over . but the stupid thing bout it is that exam is next week . but still its OVER !! :D had the pool party yesterday (: though there's some glitches to it but it was still awesome . didnt expect for the set up to be so well , really glad everyone had a great crazy hectic time ! (: i think i partied till my body ache's on me .

most of me cant really think of what to say since school is over but i have to spend this 3 days studying for my exams . especially chemistry . well i will study but no stress ! thats the mission ! anyways will be going to the temple later , cause today is wesak day ! pictures will come up later


Friday, May 21, 2010

i'm a genie in a bottle baby !

thought i had one of the worst weeks ever due to the amount of stress that suddenly decided to land on me all at once , but with the some help :) i managed to get though it . thanks babe ! :D love yea tons , wouldn't know what i'll do without you .

planning for an event, finishing ISU's that is actually all done since last week but there are editing to do, study for the up coming exam, have to deal with my business in sunway, got a violin exam, driving licence and thats bout it . well there might be more but might not recall but anyways thats the big list that i have to accomplish some by this month and the rest is next month.

but so far do you believe that im actually very calm and relaxed ? not getting all stressed out for the first time (: and further more if i did get more stress that im suppose to i'm gonna have more pimples on my face . i love my clear face thank you (: not such a bad week with the rate im going


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

freakkk !!

OMG chuck bass died !! he can't die . and the fact that this is the final episode for this season sucks hell !! this last episode is freaking stupid !! leaving viewers hanging and waiting for 4 months till the next season comes out . haha yes im a gossip girl freak , been watching the every episode (: very interesting story .

supernatural i think has ended, ugly betty has ended , all thats left is 90210 and even that is gonna end . goshh what am i gonna be doing without it . and why does all of them have to end at the same time . its super annoying . have to find more stuff to do during my free time . read a book ? haha (: it's been sometime since i have last read . should start reading . (:


Monday, May 17, 2010

get your ass over here !

i really want that tattoo ! (: the thought of being 18 is just one step closer to freedom and having to make decisions for my own. really excited . and now im planning the graduation night ! SIS people you better come if you guys want to experience the best nights in SIS especially when your graduating . im pretty sure lots of people will be coming to this on :D instead of buying your dresses , shop for bikini's and shorts ! :D

wanna get someone to design my tattoo (: this is gonna be super awesome !


Friday, May 14, 2010

all within temptation ...

all my agony fades a way, give me something i can believe (: part of the lyrics from within temptation . real good stuff . life have been somewhat treating me well . now its just 2 weeks left of school and hallelujah ! :D oh yeahh . can't wait for it . well i cant practically laze around since i have my driving test as well as violin exam so i doubt it . but still its something off school . late nights and late mornings (: that will be pretty often . well maybe .

my post hasnt been long ones like it used to be but well its still something (:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

love me or hate me (:

school is ending soon , just for another 3 more weeks then i'm free . but then again i will be having driving exam and violin exam . lol at least being away from school helps (: really tired of always dread myself to be going to chemistry class . and now its ending . just to make sure i dont repeat it . im gonna study freaking hard for it and never again shall this subject be in my way . ohh yeahh .

i really am excited to the ending of school . i can't imagine the feeling of being free again . from the evil clutches of school . and one month holiday here i come (: would so love that . if i was older could probably do what i want but in a controlled manner . not something over my head but still . another year . oh well lets just hope it passes soon .

currently addicted to the music and dance of " the marionette show " it's really good.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

for too long i have been waiting ..

had a good weekend , but ended up being a zombie when i woke up for the morning to school . kinda sucks but well yeahh . at this point of stage im not sure what im getting myself into , but i know i liked it . i have been enjoying most of my time , not wasting it on and irrelevant thoughts that used to linger in my head . probably this is something to help me move on with the darkness that has been set upon me this year . the clouds are probably vanishing and the sun is starting to light the days of my life .

very odd ? can say that . didnt expect all of it to happen really . i definitely didnt expect to suddenly put myself in another situation . pushing my luck ? maybe . am i picky ? heck yeah ! well we'll just see where this turns out . but really if you asked me ? i want it the way it is ;)


Saturday, May 8, 2010

like you've lost control ...

idk whats happening but i think im starting to like it (: for once feeling so free . well maybe it's just not that bad as i thought it would be . so far school is school . thats getting better too . hopefully next years subjects wont kill me as much as this semester . this semester is gonna end soon & the only thing im worrying for is chemistry . so called easy subject ? not when is your teacher thats for sure . there are 5 people in the class that is confirm gonna fail the course . well no pressure . just need to do some homework i guess .

anyways im off with my life (:
xoxo's !

Monday, May 3, 2010

the time moves slowly ... as memories slowly fade

sometimes i dont know what i actually get myself into at times . but well probably it's just suppose to happen . thats what im trying to believe . it's hard when you know you might be making a big mistake but well thats life , its all risk . you wont be living without risk . i shall play my solo , till my duet shows . till then i'll just play it the way it's suppose to be played . i'm just following the notes anyways (:


Sunday, May 2, 2010

you'll never realize it till it's gone ...

don't do what others ask or tell you to . for once think for yourself . cause once it's gone , it's gone . and it may never come back . are you willing to risk that chance over something so small and minimal ? everything is hard . with or without me . it's not gonna be any more easier than that . dont wait and regret till it's really gone . i know this is not what your planning to do . how is this gonna help you .

cause when i really get over this . i may never trust you with that chance again . it's your move .