Friday, October 30, 2009

watching from the floor !

Today we had halloween in school ! :D i was suppose to be some vampire but it seems that my blood kept on peeling off soo shuyi and dias painted my face .. hahaa thanks lots babe ! anyways school was normal but i was just not in the mood to study or anything like that . just felt like lazying around , showing how tired i am now a days .

i even scare myself at times me looking all serious , haha bout to eat you up face . xD school was okay today but nothing much really happen (: tomorrow's halloween !

mr . smajda !! HIPPIE !!

muahahaha !

cute ! we're the ex-sriklians

xoxo's !

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i rather keep my memories to myself ..

gosh my legs are filled with bruises T.T we played rugby today and i keep on falling till i had this really big , stingy and ugly bruise . it was probably cause the court was wet and my fault i didnt tighten my shoe so when i fell my whole shoe came off . so the whole of today i was limping .

lol my face was ugly for this pyramid ! not bad weii !

other than that bad news the drama class people performed after school so i stayed back for awhile . they were not bad really (: watch like 8 different scenes . then head home .. i have some pictures from the waterfall . i look ugly in it but who cares !?

there was a picture of Mr.B carrying me like a fish ! gosh it looked so funny!! but i dont have it with me now

we even tried flying ! haha which didnt exactly worked cause flyer has no shoe. haha but it was worth a shot since we had nothing to do. for this one we tried bounce up ? lol the coming up was funny


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

you have put me in this impossible situation

hey (: got not much to post bout really , and i still havent got the lagoon pictures . but anyways the day before yesterday which was a sunday we went for clean up the waterfall that is super duper high up the hills . we managed to clean up at least 300 over bags of garbage and gosh there were still lots more , but we ran out of plastic bags

after cleaning loads of shit , we played in the waterfall . though it was cold but it was awesome at least the waterfall water isnt polluted . the hardest part was when we had to bring the rubbish down .. my gosh we formed a chain to bring down the rubbish but while doing that i had to take care of YUKA ( my teachers daughter ) she is so adorable

when i was bringing her down one elderly guy asked me ,

old guy : how old are you ?

me : 16

old guy : 16 !!?? really ?

me : yea why ?

old guy : is that your daughter?

me : * omg face NO

old guy : * felt relief

its so ridiculous , unless i look that old to be a mother -.- now that would be sad ..

from yours truly ....

Saturday, October 24, 2009

the last song ..

you know something i hate bout malaysia ? its really hard to find awesome dresses where else in the US you can find tons of em in different colours , sizes and design. if i dont get a dress by prom i wont go . easy as that . its so annoying going to many stores and trying on many dresses and you end up not getting anything .


Thursday, October 22, 2009

signs keeps coming back to me ..

i had soo much fun in sunway lagoon today but sadly i didnt take pics through my phone, its through a friends camera and even then its not so many. didnt feel like camwhoring xD but had loads of fun. there's no pics but a video !! haha . i'll see if i can get them (: the awesome thing is my team is called the beauty and the beasts !!

lol you'd know who the beauty is ;) anyways the starting of the day was pretty screwed up but the rest of it was great. havent been to sunway lagoon for a super long time .. it was great to be there eventhough its kinda lame :D further more prom is coming up !! well not so sure whether im going or not .. due to some complications ): so we'll see bout that

other than that we have school tmrw again .. soo lazy but anyways have tons of homework due tmrw . and just so you know .. i have made up my mind . its nothing personal , im just dont have the guts for it just yet.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

stop crying your heart out !

tomorrow im going to sunway lagoon !! gah cant wait ! (: the whole school is going . the only sucky thing bout it is that when we're there we're suppose to solve math questions and stuff like that .. but at least we're out of the basement for a day ! :D

i have been doing alot of thinking lately , though it might not be accurate but i suppose it has been some time since ... that day .

i will be this fish !

Sunday, October 18, 2009

its picture perfect !!

heyy sorry havent been blogging there was no wifi in port dickson sadly but i've got tons of pics for you to see (: . my family couldnt celebrate deepavali this year due to the passing of in a way my grandfather so we had a get together with my cousins family . my dad and bro did fishing with my uncle and cousin while me and my other cousin manju haha well you can see what we've been doing :D . i'll post some more pics tomorrow.