Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hello everyone,

This is not Rina Ho Hui Ping here :) I am not in Bali now. It is not 2010 where I am now but i think it'll be 2010 in malaysia in 40 minutes . I am not sure. So I shall wish everyone on behalf of Rina Ho Hui Ping, a 40 minute early HAPPY NEW YEAR. :) As you can tell, I am very bored again as somehow, everyone is asleep. That's sad :( I shall go now too

Yours sincerely

Saturday, December 26, 2009

nothing has changed..

this is the hotel im staying at currently ... i just got it off the net somewhere since i didnt birng my laptop . so no uploading pics here . (: will only be back on the 2nd jan . did tons of shopping here .. i bet we'll be coming back with 5 bags .. after buying tons of stuff . now since the hotel is far away from all the shopping , its just sitting by the beach .

havent been keeping contact with anybody since texting is gonna cost me a bomb for rm2 per sms . and dont think bout calling .. soo im just taking my chances by going online ..

i really cant let it go .. give me sometime to see the horizon before i give more thought ..


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i miss you tons !

so far so good (: went shopping in the morning . then after that had some lunch and went to watch some cultural dance , ate again and back here (: a very fast summary of my day . im still gonna be here for another 11 days (: can wait for tomorrow to go more shopping . surprisingly there are tons of brands here . well we just got back and like everyone is hogging the toilet soo thought i should blog .

pictures will come up soon once i got some extra time to waste here . will be back !


Monday, December 21, 2009

bali here i come !

i'm in bali , cant be here for long . cause i have a time limit thing . but anyways the place here is pretty interesting till i get pictures to post up i'll just give quick updates . probably when i get a full internet access then i'll post some pics . (:

dont miss me too much

xoxo's !

Saturday, December 19, 2009

is reaching the breaking point ...

yes its just unforgettable ...


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pump It !

party's over (: now lets wait for the after party ! 3 more days to Bali and i still havent seen myra nor have i watched new moon ! most likely tomorrow i might be able to go out and perform at the same time xD .

xoxo's !

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hey guys

Since Rina decided to write something on my blog, I shall do the same here :) Let's hope she doesnt find out about this till like tomorrow or something :)

Well I have no idea what to write here. This shall be an anonymous post but im guessing everyone can figure out who I am just by looking at the title. OOO I shall type out the rap I made for my bear cause I was bored out of my skull in Tasmania :)
What up what up
My name is Bear
Yea I'm purple
So do not stare
Whoop whoop
I smell of lavender
Whoop whoop
I was bought in december
What up what up
My name is....
B-EA-R Bear
Yea so that's kinda it. It's awesome! :) I fell asleep before I could think of anything else. Word of advice, do not got to tassie if you have a choice cause it's sooo boring!!
Dang. I just realised that i do not have any weird pics of Rina in this computer :(
Nevermind. Next time then. Till then BYEEEEEEE.
OHH PS- Rina, Im coming back one date earlier now. Will be back the day after tomorrow but i kinda lost my sim card for my phone i think. :S

Monday, December 14, 2009

love my life ? well you cant have it ! (:

lol you know whats funny ? when people are just sooo lifeless that since they cant comment themselves they come to me . i dont see why they have to do it since i have been to busy caught up with my own life to even care :) soo dude ? get a life ! or probably you just dont have one . soo sorry to hear that yea ? try to get some friends and idk live your life perhaps ?

anyways i have been performing in 1u lately , well a couple of times (: will be going to perform again tomorrow . today went out with mom to the bank to do some errands and then got caught in the jam as we were about to head to 1u to get tickets for the frog princess movie . haha wanted to watch others but it seems my brother was like well weird so he was like the frog princess thing would be better .

btw i didnt edit this photo (: someone tag me

got there and watch the movie . my comment bout it ? its very musical-ish haha has singing in most parts of the movie . till now i still havent watched new moon . haihh hope it doesnt go out of theatre's soon . after that followed mom to burger king cause well she wanted the nuggets there and guess what i met fahmi , faishal , & the others (: haha they seem taller that before and somehow i feel soo small .

talk to them for awhile to just have a short catch up and we all ciao after that . got home and well thats practically my day (: . till tomorrow comes ...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

your not forgotten ..

internet is down for a couple of days. probably gonna call the stremyx people tomorrow (: will update soon !!


Monday, December 7, 2009

i would never want to hurt you ...

i have been watching the vampire diaries and their actually not that bad (: pretty good . think im hook onto it as i am to gossip girl and 90210 . i'm having my performance in 1u tomorrow , geez always nervous . i can actually see my hands shake before i play . hope that just doesnt happen to me again .

did nothing much , went cycling with dad to some kampung area . got home and started staying in my room . how sad is that ? i want more excitement in my life . why cant that happen (: that would make life so much colourful than being so dull .

sorry no pictures , dont have the mood for it lately . well i dont see
the point in camwhoring for no special occasion .


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Greenpets !! GO GREEN !

I'm starting out with my own business (: and they are called Greenpets !
to contribute our part to mother nature , and if your running low on cash for christmas gifts .
this is the best alternative !

Since most of my readers are friends that i know , we can figure out some ways to deliver it .
Greenpets are different types of plants in a bottle
yes it lives in a bottle and you dont have to do a thing ! (:

its grows and takes care of its own !
the only thing you have to do is put it under light ( not direct sunlight )
once the plant grows its roots and becomes too big for the bottle
you can take it out and plant it in your garden or a pot (:

think of it this way its something different (:

for this christmas ! get your friends / family / yourself a greenpet today !
its only for RM 18.80!!
to order it just post your phone number on my chat box
coming soon in Q box - sunway pyramid
there will be an extra charge if you want it wrapped
for this christmas eve

~ Merry Christmas ~

Thursday, December 3, 2009

lit me up when im sober ...

exams are over ! and the holidays has just begun . well for me that is (: i got a couple of things on my schedule for this holidays that i hope will keep me occupied till my trip to bali . gonna celebrate christmas and new years there (: the island is suppose to be really pretty . well never been there before but im sure it'll be fantastic . will post pictures .

i just love this pic (:

so anyone wanna go out ? im leaving to bali on the 21st so will be free before then (: myra is coming !! havent been with her for awhile . miss her tons . been lazy to update my blog since exams were over , but will well take more pics later on .


Monday, November 30, 2009

love love love , i want your love !

nowadays i feel really needy , when i want to be independent . i just feel so fragile , so different as if everything is gonna fall down on me . this random feeling has been haunting me for awhile now . maybe its just the exams ? or is it a sign . who knows really . i really cant wait for my trip to bali to come , i just really need to get away from everything and just relax . it will either work or it will make things worst but who cares right ?

caught in a bad romance

when you say music , i say its equal to life . without music there's no colour in the world . just like when im the world and your my colour . i know its chessey , made it up . but it's true dont you agree ? something is missing mind helping me find it ?

xoxo's !

Sunday, November 29, 2009

forever hold your peace in pieces ...

it was 4 when i was awaken by the stupid mosquito that hunts my ear , buzzing around . -.- soo annoyed cant even get my sleep so i just sprayed my room and went to my brother's room and watch some phua chu kang (: . luckily my exams arent today but its tomorrow for sure . didnt study at all i tell you . was just busy with my own things .

i just have that feeling where i just dont give a damn anymore . . .
the year is ending i should be having holidays now but nooo i have exams . . lol its fair and unfair at the same time .

just screw it ...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

tonight's gonna be a good night !

im here with my prom pics ! (: lol it wasnt as bad i guess , though its a small dance floor with not as much people as i used to be with but its good enough . i did enjoy myself especially that last itinerary on the list ;P got a number of pictures , well i didnt bring my camera so didnt camwhore as much but there's a few .

leexian . :) . wan en

with nana ! :D

its hollywood babeh !

jason . (: . wan en . jian soon
lol so called date's (:

my ladies !

at the dancefloor !!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

ga ga oh la la my bad romance !

prom is tonight starting in 1 hour 30 mins time . (: lol i feel so tired to go though . its like you have to do tons of stuff before going to prom . hmmm i'll get pictures ! (: somehow i am currently addicted to lady gaga's new song ( bad romance ) its not bad really (:

today was the last day of school for me but i still will be having exam next week . lol gonna party hard then study hard ! :D i wonder what it would be like . this is like SIS first prom , hope it turn out good . have to get ready ! later !


Saturday, November 21, 2009

i'm so missing you ~

it was super funny , cause im having my finals soon . it seems mrs.smajda was in school and she thought we were crazy cause we're in school at 10:30 - 2:00 to do a review of math . haha (: i thought i wouldnt go for it but i did anyways . just paranoid . i wanna get an A+ (: .

later headed to sunway pyramid and meet up with my parents for lunch . did a couple of errands and got home . nothing much really happen today . i bought a super nice pillow :D haha its super comfortable . im gonna sleep soundly tonight .

myraaa !! :D ( we were eating in subway ! )

yesterday i was in myra's facebook account :D it was hilarious i messed and changed everything . lol i do miss her tons . its been ages since i last seen her . not counting video calling . once she's back in malaysia i will plan a couple of days to be with her . she's been a real true friend to me like compared to the others , girls especially . love her tons ! cant wait !!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

life is filled with lies

Math had been weird. lol just felt as if i was in pre school again , playing blocks and using them to relate to math . At time i believe my school is like a kindergarden cause we have so many colourful pictures up on the boards xD . never really look like a high school to me .

i think i manage to get over myself . well just a lil sad thats all . anyways finals are coming soon , with my drama performance , orchestra , band , my assignments are due, and prom . im have just been stressing out cause im trying to cramp all this stuff by the end of next week . all these things are due next week . and i seriously am blank right now ..

i cant spend to much time blogging .. but i will once i got the time
( sorry i have been kinda down lately , its just everything is happening so fast )

xoxo's !

Monday, November 16, 2009

you treat me just like im not a stranger ..

i have to live with this fake and faded smile till well i move on .. no matter how much i want this sometimes life is just like that .. probably i just dont deserve something as perfect as that . im not sure where this road is taking me but i just hope i can find my way back home .. to the heart and core of my very soul.

just ripped me in pieces .. thats how im suppose to look like .. messed up


the night was just perfect .. meant for two

the day before yesterday i was celebrating my bro's birthday (: bought some haagen dazs ice cream cakes!!

it was just an unforgettable night and event .. <3

the empty parking lot with a sesat girl (:

my family !!
i just find it so cute (:

yesterday i had my orchestra , after not attending it for so long .. then right after that i rushed home to get home to change , bath and get ready for the Royal Charity Gala Night it is an orchestra that took place in the klcc convention centre last night. i went there with nicholas , after that had dinner at madam kwan's and walked outside of klcc to just see the view . it has been some time since the last i was there.

Camwhore !!

pushh !! xD

this pic is just soo cool (:

this is how it looks like (: so awesome

it was soo funny the parking lot was like totally empty , nick and i was like playing with the echo's and stuff haha . it was soo retarded . then left and send me home . i think i reached home bout 12 :30 ? haha but i still manage to wake up for school and stuff and surprisingly i wasnt that tired when i was in school.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

it adds up to one big explosion ..

havent been blogging lately . mainly cause my finals are coming soon so i dont think i'll be blogging as much as i used to just for now that is . the stupid thing is prom is coming up before the exams so i have no idea how people are suppose to have fun and relax really . my brothers birthday is tomorrow , though he doesnt go online at all but anyways

happy birthday lil bro !

we're having haegen dass ice cream cake tonight (: prepare to become fatt !! and i got him the most expensive gift i have ever gotten for anyone . gahh he must like it i tell you , this is all coming out from my savings . anyways today we had the school's open day so went to school did the band performance and then went out to pyramid , got my brothers gift and got home .

tomorrow will be a very busy day .. i was really looking forward to relax this week but i guess thats just not happening anytime soon . -.- have tons of assignments and homework to do and further more the orchestra performance and drama practice will be on for longer hours . haihh .. its just a very busy month ..

xoxo's !

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

your just as good as a bottle of wine ..

funny thing bout today is that i have develop a liking towards this song (: its super cute haha idk why especially the music video .

gee - girls generation

other than that i have nice pictures from the SIS idol during my performance (: and 2 pictures from the outing with wan en .

ever wonder why i never really blog bout personal stuff ? well i have been misjudge by others most of the time even though this is my blog . i mean i read tons of other blogs and they have the guts to say what they want in their blogs but i always had this thing where i care bout what others say .

probably i just dont have as much guts as those other bloggers do . and most of them are girls anyways i never know the type of people reading my blog . but ever since im in SIS i never really had this problem unlike in srikl . you can say im much less stressful in that manner.

tong hua ! :D

i guess you can say its a big change compared to srikl . there are it's good's and bad's but its not as bad as srikl . although the school is in a basement which is kinda sad but other than that the teachers , students and most of the facilities as great . just the fact that we dont have a sports day is frustrating . these are my last 2 years in high school . would love to set the first record in SIS if we ever have a sports day.

with eejin and wan en

the groupie (:

sometimes i wonder will you be by my side through the bad times too ? ..