Friday, August 20, 2010

where the world is upside down ...

my blog is so dead xD goshh some other day then


Saturday, August 14, 2010

i'm not afraid to take a stand ...

i hate it how you always assume about the things i didnt do . yea paranoia much but that doesnt mean i will continuously do it you know . it's annoying when there's no sense of trust that eventually cause separation after years of it . driving is going well . its just sooner or later that i will be another user on the road .

watched inception today (: a really interesting movie i shall give it a 10/10 marvelous work . tmrw will be another day just something new everyday . not to long ago i had camping and gosh it was fantastic (: the water rafting , caving along with the other stuff that came along with it that is the mosquitoes and other stuff (: lol but its worth though

other than that i miss my hippo and glitter bitch ): geez


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

when its below -50

my glitter butch is going to china ): geez lol miss her but she'll be too perasan :D but i still love her retarded self . good luck babe for your skating competition . other than that school has been such a bumm the amount of work load im getting makes me feel like giving up seriously . my life revolves around assignments assignments and more assignments .

whole reason why i stop blogging for awhile . i stay back nearly everyday and im like always tired , sleeping early right after im done with my work . just a ton of bullshit and even on the weekends i have chores and more fu*king assignments . i'll be back when i stop winning