Saturday, February 28, 2009

i will remember you

woahh this morning i went for the charity run in kota kemuning for 3km though i signed up for 5km . anyways i got 3rd place :D haha havent been practising for awhile . lol i dont wanna talk bout the prize that i got . but its for charity anyways . and a training i guess . now im just kinda tired after waking up quite early .

hmmm i think the next thing i will do is my homework . :(
and i've gotta practise my violin . my teacher is gonna kill me .
and i think thats bout all .
maybe john might pop by for more jogging .
i might have to use my bicycle haha
anyways will blog later !


Thursday, February 26, 2009

hey ! wanna wish rena my Japanese twin haha ( well not really ; just the name haha )
hope you'll have a great birthday yeah ?
don't have a pic of her though .
next time yea? ;D
neways . school? same same .
cant wait till the new school opens
and until the sports events that will be coming up in the next term
( i think . well that's what i heard )
feeling so fat ! . everyday no sports no exercise no nothing !.
and now my back hurts like hell .
if i bend a little the pain keeps on coming
friends says maybe i strain my muscle while practising running
well cause the charity run near my place is coming soon .
then dad says i should see a doctor . well i need my jap anyways
the last thing i want is japs . YUCK!!
not to say its gross but it hurts .
haha i know I'm soo old and yet afraid of needles .
well had a very bad experience with it .
still trying to understand addmaths .
i might see the doctor . the hospital such a bad place
well not really but don't really like it .
okay I'll keep up with the updates yea?
later !

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the dream team !

i watch the pink panther 2 the day before yesterday ! lol sorry for the late update though . well my mom woke me up at 8:30 saying we're going out , get changed . so im like yea yea suree . then when im done went to my mom's room and was like asking her . so where are we going ?
oh we're going ou cause your bro wants to watch pink panther 2 . so im like okayy? went there bought a ticket then went in . the movie wasnt bad though .
i'll rate it around 6/10 ?

bla bla bla

lol the funny part was that my brother's tooth came out during the movie when he was eating popcorn . after the movie he manja with my mom . went something like this .

mommy my tooth came out . * plus sad face

neways i got nothing haha but my bro got some games to play. went home then john text me whether im free to go jogging with him . and he wants some tips to run and all . since i was soo free i was like okay why not . he came and omgg . i have to work out more . i felt soo tired. gahhh! . when i was done running . my face was sooo red . and i was sweating like crazyy ! .

anyways later ppl


Thursday, February 19, 2009

feeling satisfied ..

hmmm what a day . i had o'maths test and my a'maths test is tomorrow . and gosh i didnt practise my violin . teacher is so gonna kill me . interesting night . I'm gonna have to start somewhere . now the only hw i have is art and just finish up my book report and I'm done :) . any maybe a lil studying . sadly my final's will be on my bday . hoooray . lol . what a way to celebrate my bday haha .

lol they were playing with my phone ( nahla )

but its still a long time from now . well just 2 more months . lol I'll be reaching the middle part of adult hood . was a lil tired today . especially during my maths . i fell asleep for awhile though . I'll be a lil busy tomorrow. geng geng geng ! . and now my iphone sucks . gahh ! dont know what i did to it .

twilight freaks haha ( jade & akanska )
neways I'll blog up later or something bye bye lovelies !


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

your my everything !


lol i cut my hair ! haha well not really much of a difference but its way shorter than before . it was sad to see my hair go away . i took care of you for so long and you had to go . oh well . you people will see my hair soon enough . well for some of you , gets to see it tomorrow . deng deng DENNG ! .

after :)

well not really a difference but in length difference . school was okay . oh yeah

lol hope yea like the card

sorry i broke the promise but its the only pic of you though haha.
anyways nights darlings !

Monday, February 16, 2009

without you .

somehow i manage to actually not think about what has happen well . maybe cause we didn't really do much but it still occurred to me somehow . at least now i can concentrate on my school work , things to do , friends , family and others . it made me realize something that i didn't knew , when shanon actually explained it to me . it opens up my eyes to what i can do to change . well not entirely but what i haven't been doing .

I'll try my best :) in the mean time i have lots of things to do , homework , practise the song for my violin , keep contact with friends , workout , and maybe just laze around . i don't expect myself in the next couple of months going out or anything . so practically nearly every invite or what so ever is denied . i just wanna be at home and do my things . rather than wasting my time on going out , or anything like that for awhile .

its my goal ! from now . but i wont miss the srikl's sports day yeah ? . let me know when is it . just write a comment at the end of the post . :)

I just wanna be alone tonight
I just wanna take a little breather
Cause lately all we do is fight
And every time it cuts me deeper
Cause something’s changed
You’ve been acting so strange
And its taking its toll on me
Its safe to say that I’m ready to let you leave
Without you, I live it up a little more everyday
Without you, I’m seein myself so differently
I didn’t wanna believe it then
But it all worked out in the end
When I watched you walk away
Well I never thought id sayI’m fine
Without you
Called you up cause’ it’s been long enough
And you said that you were so much better
We have done a lot of growing up
We were never meant to be together


Sunday, February 15, 2009

sweet 16

oh yea i nearly forgot


your 16 already :D

haha sweet 16 !
oldiee . your still way older than me haha
miss yea lots .

a long time ago pei and i haha ( i look weird )


Saturday, February 14, 2009

another dumb day ..

okay . valentine's day kinda sucked . and now im listed as single again . woohoo. lol . not sure whether im suppose to be happy or sad . but i have my dignity now do i . hmmmm lets see other than that im okay . at least now im free from shits .

well thats life now isnt it ?

i'll be gone for awhile
later readers

Thursday, February 12, 2009


hey !

lol today's valentine's eve . hmmm it seemed like a normal day in my school .

tomorrow's valentine's day . falalalala . hmmm well i dont really expect much but
lol kiddin xD

happy valentines day!! :)
i manage to talk to myra for awhile . :) she seems okay down there .
miss her though . too bad she cant come online to chat .
neways . im gonna follow my mom to service her car in sungai wang i think?.
lol she wants to play badminton with me for some reason . xD
lol there was this cute little girl she was like . you look pretty hahaha xD
dont know whether thats a dare or she really thinks so
lol haha .

hmmm i think thats all im gonna do . oh well :)
life aint fun as it used to be .
as they used to say welcome to REALITY
dumm dummm DUMMM .
well gtg got violin class / piano class


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

you'll be my american boy

okayy school was really stupid . arghh !! i freaking studied for the stupid bio test and she tells me oh there is no test today . wthh !! . soo angry i studied so late and was so tired today . screw her . wthh . im as grumpy as ever . but anyways i had chemistry and english test today too . i think im dead for chemistry though .

sorry guys if i have been soo . you know . just tired . well nothing much happened today . well i might walk my dog then study . again . haih . and take my bath . my cousin and auntie was over at my place last night but i didnt see them due to all the stupid studying .

oh i went to jadan baik , lol with my parents . seems that we're going there for bussiness . well not me but mainly my dad . the place was so cool . big area . a nice big pond and a stream or a small little river . real cool and the place has no mosquito's . the place was a little chilly though .

i wanna join cheer again . goshh sadly my school has no cheer . no tracks . ggahh ! there is a volleyball but no net . hmmmmph . i need to relax . * breaths . hmmm anyways i might blog later if anything interestings come up . laterr ! sorry i have been a little dead these few days .


Saturday, February 7, 2009

On valentine's day ..

this is like my valentine poetry for english . dont know whether its good but i think it should do . :) vampireee !! jade , michiko , deana , and i are vampires it seems and omama , fahmi is a warewolve . lol haha i bite ! . anyways today was kinda stupid . not really gonna talk about it but , well things happen now dont they . valentine's day is in like 6 days from now . lets see how my new school celebrate valentine's day . :) gtg . got some stuff to do . later .

On valentine’s day I will see roses and chocolates everywhere across the eye can see,
On the 14 of February I will see couples running freely down the meadow,
The hearts of those young and old will celebrate this day as the day of love,
And those claiming their love for one another,

On my valentine’s day I want to see the person I call my dear,
Seeing and appreciating what I have with my loved one,
The times that we’d spend together ,
Through the rough times and good times,

Wishing that it will never end for it to stay forever,
Valentine’s day , a day where those that are lonely get someone special,
A day where they find love,
Committing their love for one another,

The lovebug is convincing when it comes to love,
All it needs is just one little bite and you’ll fall in the depths of love,
It can be dangerous and it can be a thing you wouldn’t give for the world,
Because one cannot live without the other ,

On my valentine’s day I want to spend my day with my love,
Just let the time pass and pray that its not time to go back,
After the day ends you’ll see your love slowly walks away,
But before anything happens, a kiss on the lips and whispers I love you .

Monday, February 2, 2009

im not gonna waste these words ..

heyy readers . argh sorry for all the spamming stuff . just weird and simply annoying people that wont stop disturbing me . so far my school life is not bad . I'm starting to understand my school work and all . hmm I'll be changing to the other maz in 4 months ! goody . lol . missing myra though . so as my chika and all my srikl buddies . don't loose touch with me yeah ! we'll plan another outing soon . :)

well vinod if you want to know why your name is appearing alot in my blog go to charmaine's blog your answer is there . her blog link is not sure when she is opening back her blog but that's where you'll get your answer okay . and i meant what i said . stop bugging me .

anyways . didn't knew all sorts of people actually reads my blog . very interesting . lol I'm amused . hahaha . lets see . i made apple crumble pie ! :D haha . this time round it wasn't that bad . but i got help from my kakak and daddy :) he was so proud that he could help bake haha xD . i went to the gym yesterday . and gosh soo many people were there at first there was only me and this other person then after i step out i saw at least 10 people in that small lil gym . haha . later i played ping pong with edward and his cousins and went home .

i realize valentine's day is in like 12 more days and my daddy got me like a plastic flower with a small teddy wrapped in it with a heart shape ( pink ) haha . so cute he wanted to be the first person to give my valentine's present it seems :D thanks daddy ! haha . so that makes him no.1 lol and valentine's day is still far away .

I'll upload pictures soon . just kinda tired today . don't really feel like it . further more i have to write an essay . 3 pages !! lol 800 - 1000 words hahaha . let me try to not kill my left hand . oh yeah i visited the new maz and the building is ready but no windows . hope it gets ready soon .

lol i saw such cute accessories but through online got one pic from sherlin chow . its so cute . haha .

that will be on my wishlist . hmmm i think thats all so far :D will blog soon . once i got something :) byee !! xoxo's

mae . mr.chew ( principle srikl ) and me :)

a long time ago :)

hui wen!!
rina's out !