Thursday, April 21, 2011

im officially missing you

feeling so crumpled, alone, with no barrier of protection .. leaving with only a shirt behind
im not being a downer or being sensitive , its just this feeling that scares me every time without fail

looking at the brighter side .. party is tomorrow and today is pajamas day so i guess it isnt as bad .. cheer took my thoughts away for awhile .. maybe while your away i shall start doing my workouts , reading my books , finishing up assignments before due dates ?

you'll be back .. very soon i just do .. it just feels like forever

Monday, April 18, 2011

the time i needed (:

a gorgeous past time ?

did the catch !! :D

i had an awesome short holiday (: in club med cherating !!
came back with bruises, cuts and aches but it was worth it
with all the sailing, trapeze, swimming, beach volleyball, futsal,
rock climbing, dancing, archery

the cat shoe , funny thing is that the cat didnt bother moving

though not much pictures has been taken cause i dont have a personal photographer
but i managed to squeeze in afew here and there (:
met some nice people along the way
and some people with interesting attitudes

been sleeping late and waking up early cause of the breakfast timing + the partying

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the year has officially passed ...

im officially legal to almost everything probably except voting, clubbing/drinking in some countries and some other stuff .. but i believe its gone WAY TOO FAST ! i had the day with my family and him after .. just a nice dinner you and me (: love it so much

the fact that i've started talking to you on my birthday last year and this year look where we are now .. its long but what the heck (: i have loved every minute of it even today .. havent been doing anything much other than meeting up with some old friends and just hanging around as if its another normal day ..

lost my charger , strain my neck from sleeping awkwardly after drinking a wee bit that night and got this thing in my eye thats killing it D: but its okayy i suppose . finished up my work for the day and cant wait to go to cherating on thursday !! (: yes you people have to sit in your maybe boring/fun lives while i take a runaway to club med

have funn !

Monday, April 4, 2011


LOL i just found out that i have a freaking doppelganger !! just to interest you her name is Zara Azam and she's 5 days younger than me plus she roughly lives around my area .. GEEZ im excited at the same time its sorta not cause well i dont really wanna look like someone else but myself ..

honestly this is just crazy right now she's working in T.G.I.F sunway pyramid .. this is like a moment to remember .. like you can play a game .. put both our pictures and compare who is the other .. who knew ? she might be a long lost sister of mine ? maybe ? i mean i know there's a saying that goes around "you have a person that will look exactly like you somewhere in this world" but this is just too close dont you think ?

so now i know the reason towards why people always claim to have seen me in places that im not .. and plus the funny thing is that they dont believe me .. thought i might be anti-social or something

whether i look like her or she looks like me .. the thing is we look very similar ..


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Botak man !! :D

lol i seem to bitch about the people that tends to piss me off but well its a healthy way for me to express about what i feel about certain people and certain things .. yea i do understand the world dont revolve around me but well this whole blog is about me so i guess this is just my own little world ..

so there's this guy that i've known for awhile and i dont see how he can be so bold about everything like arent you shameful about certain comments you make ? your making yourself look like such a whore since you call me one all the time .. its time to look in the mirror ..

on top of it all he seems to usually or nearly always to be in my work groups and assignments .. how the hell can i work with him when he thinks he's the white guy and he's totally awesome .. so i dont voice out what i think of him but that doesnt mean i wont if you push my patience .. yeah im being nice .. leave me alone man .. keep your comments to yourself if no one asked for them ..

this is random but it's the poster i design with some help from ratri (:

i feel great noww .. (: teeehee
the funny thing is if you piss me off it will be here
well i guess it will be a future distant memory of mine