Friday, March 7, 2008

Volleyyballl mssd... :D

numbuh 1 is mee & numbuh 9 is sue anne :D
my team manage to play until the finals which my team and i found it quite tiring .. we were against Sri Kembangan.. :D but sadly we lost 25 - 18 , 25 - 15 , 25 - 12 ... overall we got 2nd place .. and four of us got selected and they are sue anne , me , su mae & hui xin .. soo we still have a chance to play for the district .. :P

my cousin's birthdayy!! :D

ok soo we went back all the way to singapore just to see my cousin for his 21st birthdayy its was tiring and a bit boring but i had my fun :D then thats where me and my cousins all became highhh!! :D it was crazyyyy....