Sunday, June 26, 2011

feeling so lonely .. just for that second

its love all over again ? i realized nobody wants to be left alone .. everyone wants to know that their partner will be there for them till the end of time .. im not gonna be a hypocrite cause i believe in that too .. heart ache hurts the most that is just as bad as a stab in the back .. i have felt it once .. but to feel that way again takes time and trust .. now that i do once again .. im afraid of the heart ache that i might get ..

to get happiness is to feel , to feel is to love , to love is to trust , that then comes along with heart ache and sadness .. yes at times it might be worth it in the long run .. its like going through a cycle .. nothing last forever .. yes this is ideal but i've always wished it would last forever ..

planning to get this as a tattoo ( a snowflake ) .. cheesey but it represents how love is so fragile , once its gone everything is gone with it ..

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's far better to learn

i guess this can add to another chapter in my life ? felt so weak but yet its just me denying the truth .. the way our parents thought us manners , to respect the elders whether you like it or not .. and to be constantly be "nice" and not rude to others .. i guess people has been taking advantage of me that way ..

showing my true colors

yes i have far more to learn , and only one person dared to point that out .. i might be such a kid at times and i do admit that .. as much as i want to grow up and be more matured there's always a childish side to me .. something that i still hold on to .. yes at times how i wish the other person would know what im thinking about because its so hard to say it in words ..

im screaming out loud in my mind but silent in reality .. it sucks at times but i guess if you talk to yourself its best when people dont know whats going on in your head .. its easier said than done .. and will definitely take time but im not gonna stop trying to let myself be free from the so called manners