Monday, May 30, 2011

just one more day , another day !

the last exam is tomorrow !! that is the gross accounting but no worries .. already studied so hopefully i pass with flying colors (: i'm gonna make tie dye shirts , it is gonna be something interesting since i have always wanted to do it .. then will be going for the graduate dinner , before saying goodbye to the people that i might not see for a very long time ..

time has run too fast .. hope it is fast enough till our next meet

Sunday, May 29, 2011

will you be there ?

i realized i have too many things to do .. even after the exams .. like my room reno .. cheer .. violin .. cousins .. and a whole lot of other stuff .. geez i mean i guess its good ? LOL funny thing is that i signed up for the axn big challenge with the bf soo this will be fun .. if he makes it .. then there's that green thing my parents want me to go for .. college will start soon enough ..

HELP !! c3 is also around the corner . . found out that my toilet is gonna be SUPER small because of the design .. as well as the wardrobe .. hmmm i'm at the middle whereby i'm able to do whatever i want .. its good cause im taking that advantage , guess it makes my life a little bit more interesting than it already is (:


Friday, May 27, 2011

i'm not afraid .. to take a stand

high school is over and on to much more bigger things than just homework, teachers, rules, uniform and etc.. now its on to the next chapter of my life, its now gonna be worth something that has a much greater meaning to it .. this is not how i choose to end my high school life but its already decided .. i shall just leave it to that .. people move on and i cant take the stress you put on me anymore ... this is only referring to one person ..

enough of that .. college is ahead and i have bigger shoes to fill .. nothing says like having the guts to be someone new .. in the rites of passage .. a person is changed to be someone new .. that person will be temporarily taken out of society .. and placed back into society as a new person .. i believe that all of this is coming way to fast .. i mean i did wished i grew up faster to be able to obtain my freedom to do what i want and when i want it ..

geez :S i will have 1 month to just relax and not think about anything but just hanging out with my cousins that are coming in a bit (: and my old buddies that i promised to meet .. till then there are 2 more days of exam ! :D


Sunday, May 8, 2011

the hectic month !

exams are coming soonn and then i'll graduate from this joint .. the charity climb is coming end of this month , seriously hope it doesnt fall on the day of my exams ): plus room renovation and cousins are coming in june july ishh ? so much to doo ! always have been b0red and now i dont have the time to even be bored LOL

im not sure what im gonna do just yet .. but if i were to take a foundation i will probably do CIMP or MUFY ... c3 and c11 competition is coming soon too and guess what i sprain my ankle again. heal fast my foot .. its a all time must to join them .. dont have to win it but just the experience thrills me :D

wish me luck !! (:

singaporee trip ! (:

had thee most awesome time there (: might not be as perfect all of us are only humans , arent we not ? went to the universal studios and the roller costers there are awesome !! the one that impressed me the most was the red and blue one .. really huge you cant miss it !! went clubbing and i think its freaking boring due to the fact that most of the guys were either fat , weird , old , geeky or just not in any state of mind .

sadly none ! NOTHING D: unless i turn lesbian some of the girls there are really something .. but dont think i will do that anytime soon . went shopping and OMG i couldnt help myself from shopping , im serious you'd die there .. maybe due to the fact im a girl ? sexist i know but still kinda true .. i got myself a nose piercing and was really proud of myself (: yes to some people its just a nose piercing but really i wouldnt have done anything like it since im terrified of needles

the lady was like its gonna be fast and your not gonna feel a thing .. such a liar .. i was scared for my life down there sitting on the chair waiting as she wipes my nose with alcohol and puts the gun in place... BAM !! i twitched and before you know it i felt my nose being soo sore, face turning red like a tomato and tears falling down from my eyes as my cousins are trying to cheer me up .. laughing and crying at the same time , who knew :P

visited some relatives and made a VIDEO (: lol its hilarious

.. probably our asian version of american idol .. we call it " AMATEUR LIVE! " with my cousin staring as Ravender Sigkhcrest (: well i think thats the spelling anyways .. had a blast !! went to the zoo as well .. its pretty cool i guess with all the shows .. just a very good past time .. before i knew it 6 days was over and it was time to head home .. geez that sucked the most ..

thats it !!