Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Aaron Johnson

hey sorry havent been blogging for awhile . internet was down .
anyways a couple of days ago friends and i went out to sunway after collect results . soo we watched angus , thongs and perfect snogging . and i tell you omggg the guy is sooo hott! Robbie is his character in the movie and his real name is aaron johnson haha .
the ppl that went out was myra , me , eelin , su mae , neal , nigel , nicholas khoo , rachel , mun ching , and a couple more
goshh me , lin , su mae , mun ching was going crazy lol we started screaming and the passers by are giving us that look . haha . then we played at the arcade xD i played the dancing game machine with myra and god my foot hurts after that . cause the thing dont wanna detect when we were dancing soo we had to hit real hard and sometimes we hit the metal part soo yeah practically my foot bruised haha .
after the dancing thing some of my friends hid my slippers. lol i was walking around and round for my slippers barefooted . then went home end of that day .

Friday, December 26, 2008

merry xmas ! :D

merry Christmas people !
get all the presents :D

anyways the day before yesterday i went to john's house
took tons of pictures there haha
with neal , nigel , john , andrien , eelin and myself
it was kinda funny cause nearly all of us fell asleep while watching a movie
you can see how random and bored we really are .

counter strike !
im gonna kill youu !

I'm a contractor

christmas tree !

* wink wink
safety first

eyes closed

hearts <3

john :O
samurai vs. guitar player

xoxo's !

Monday, December 22, 2008

here comes the bride all dress in white

haha well i got only 2 photo's from the wedding that i went to melaka
well i dont have all but it should do :D
this is my cousin's wedding
sadly i dont even know her
she is a loooongg distance cousin it seems
well at least i attend lol

my mom and i

my cousins :D
yash & loges

here comes the bride

me and yash :)

sometimes i wish i could save you

well today i got my uniform and school books . haha it was so funny
i look like some small kid in my uniform . xD a lil girl
lol im gonna miss srikl and the people in it .
i'll promise to visit kayy :D well if i can that is
hmmm i miss my chika , babes , dudes and everyone :( soo sadd
well maybe you can laugh at a couple of pics

and a happy new year :)

if there is anything you guys can call yea :D

oh yeah i went out yesterday with the ob people , :D
nicole , tristan , teddy , shen yeow , jimmy , vinod , asad ,
yu yang , chun quan and jeffery
didnt take much pics but it should do .
andrien :D
teddy & tristan lol btw all these pics was
all taken without them realizing
we were in chilies :D

shen yeow . :D former red hse capt

tristan stonning .. woooah

nicole darling :P

my uniform :D

my p.e clothes xD

xoxo's :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

spirit of love , toil and sacrifice

hey guys sorry bout the post earlier and all
its just that these ppl wouldn't want to leave me alone
and well blackmailed me in a way
annoying shits . sorry for the use of language though
anyways i went out with the ob ppl yesterday in ou
well actually our outing didn't really worked out perfectly
so i kinda blame myself for this
haha anyways erm we watch yes man ! and ate in chillies
the movie was funny though

anyways sorry guys , kuan lin , tristan , shen yeow
you know with the whole complications stuff
lol i think the next outing i should get someone else to plan it
haha not gonna be me no more :D

anyways i forgotten to camwhore there so no pictures
:( nvrm I'll try to get them next time
well that's bout it . haha good night ppl
xoxo's !

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

to the spammers in my blog

first to issac . I'm really disappointed in you . you were my friend and this is how your gonna treat me . lying to your girlfriend for what ? . you know the truth issac . only you could fix this . its already bad enough that I'm being accused for things i didn't do . and this wasn't the first time . this is why i didn't wanted to be friends with you anymore . okay you always asked . now there is your truth .
secondly charmaine . your mind is seriously twisted . i don't really know what you want from me . knowing that you mix with cheryl is bad enough . she was the one that wanted me to break off with my bf . and now knowing that she is your friend? so that's where your getting all the lies . i really don't know what to say to you people . but I'm pretty disappointed that you cant even get your fax straight . did you see anything ? NO . but you accuse me for something i didn't do . and you continue trying to piss me off . for what ? whats the prize ? . you people have problems and issues . go see a counsellor .
third cheryl . i really want to know . you really like engkit that much to break me off huh . well your wish came true i guess. but that's not the reason why we broke off . and actually he was a nice guy . he didn't do anything to hurt me . but you . just try to ruin everything that im trying to do right . why ? . if he was that bad why help me . why not just leave me be . because you were just jealous that you cant have engkit for yourself . you form 5 ppl got issues . seriously .
thats all i've got to say . if you would pls bug off . i would appreciate it . i really dont want to know you nor hear from you again . whatever it is . it is in the past . so there is nothing you can do . if you want to claim that your right . okay . whatever . your just wasting my time .

Monday, December 15, 2008

NZ people !

yesterday my nz friends : zhong , zheng , julian , and rachel came to visit me in the afternoon . we watched a movie in my bro's room . talked a little here and there and we went swimming . lol it was kinda lame but okay . then later went to a mamak stall for awhile to have a drink then head home . bath and got ready to go to my cousin 16 birthday .

haha then my nz friends came for the party . got some pictures
they look like koreans . haha it was soo hard to get them to take a picture . and
zheng cannot be a future photographer . lol

my family :P

she loves mee haha
fishyyy !

darlling cousin

julian and zheng
( they are gay ) haha

sweet 16
birthday girll

manjuu :D

zhongg :)
why you keep staring xD zhonng :P

zhonng ;D

me and zhong

xoxo's :D