Friday, July 25, 2008

the time of my life

today was not bad scary but ok :D i woke up at 6 to practise my violin .. before going for the exam .. goshh .. i couldn't remember alot of my scales but i remembered some .. got out of bed .. left home and went to the grand blue wave hotel for my exam .. i had to be there half and hour earlier soo i left around 9 and got there around 9:30 .. i can feel my heartbeat so fast .. as we went up the lift .. when i arrived i sign myself in and tune up my violin .. and who knew time pass so fast .. it was already 10 and it was my turn to get in the examination room .. goshh i missed a couple of notes .. my scales and my aural test was fine .. before i went out of the room i saw my marks and i passed xD thank god :D

later on i went to school . cause i didn't know what to do at home xD haha then i saw myra crapping for the IGCS test hahaha she was like freaking out .. then later the guys was decorating the board at the back cause they ruin it .. and it really looks funny .. ill get you guys a photo for you all to see or .. come to 3 B and take a look at it :D .. i later met up with engkit . we went to pizza hut and then went back .. haha it was a little awkward being there hahaha . with some of his friends xD so thats my day :D

in pizza hut (taken by g.e.k. ) haha

I'm batman ~!

these are the pictures on prita's birthday .. it finally came after soo long hahaha :D

pei , me and eelin
hahaha just having fun
happy birthday prita :D

Sunday, July 20, 2008

the day has just start getting better

the hamster that was at my dads place
at the garden expedition
there was a funny photo of him but he made me promise not to put it up

today was ok my exams are over for now :D haha .. hmmm lets see .. after school i got hungry so eng kit and i went to subway to get some food and we saw these two guys ordering a 5 foot long sandwich haha it was funny i even dared him to order turkey boobs xD hahaha then head back to school .. talk to him for awhile then left .... then i went to kl to see this garden expedition cause my dad's stuff was there .. went to look at the place and i even went for that fish therapy and it was funny cause i couldn't stop laughing .. it was ticklish then after that head home and didn't do anything much after that ..

the next day which is today .. i went out shopping with my mom from one store to the other .. got a couple of things for myself and my dad then went home .. after that i started keeping my new stuff and blog .. hahaa i know my life is a little boring for now :D but it will be better later on i hope :P haha these are a couple of pictures I've got some pictures for you all to see :D

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I've got part of the truth from you . i may not know the rest and the reasons . but i really felt heart broken . i wasn't suppose to be sad today . but it ended up like that . what you think may not always be right . till you get the truth from me . anyways now back to the charity fiesta . i had a great time for the first couple of hours . but sadly i didn't even went in the haunted house . i know people says its stupid and all but whatever it is I'm just curious how its looks like for myself . but on my way there i found someone . and that's when i ditch my friends sorry about that guys . just couldn't take it .

anyways i couldn't really buy or even play anything cause there were tons of people . well basile won me a cute teddy bear thanks :D and i won myself a fish xD i even went for that dunking thing . its was really fun . and hard to believe but my brother dunk me xD . hahaha i gave all the wet hugs to my friends after the dunking hahaha . sorry but its funny to see you all wet . after that myra , sumae and i shared money to dunk mr.chew it was so funny . sumae was great she gave one shot and he fell down haha . hilarious . i walked up and down , everywhere around the school and my legs were aching . but it was worth . i played 2 or 3 games and i couldn't even win 1 token . hahaha oh well . that's all I've gotta say for now . :D byee guys !!

i got my little fishy haha with siew ling ( siewpau ) nickname

mr.chew got dunk by sumae , myra and i

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the end of the road ..

when we were once one .. you told me we were never be apart .. looking through back in the days .. its like all the flashback coming on my way .. walking through this part isn't easy .. but i have to try to fight all of our memories .. everywhere i go is a memory .. and its never gonna leave .. all the negative emotions are in me .. trying to throw them all away .. i may look happy on the outside .. but in the inside i keep all these things in my mind .. sometimes people ask why am i stoning .. cause all sorts of questions that i keep on asking and is never answered ..

its like we wrote our promises in a piece of paper .. then when we are through with each other .. it is then crumple and thrown away .. later you come back and took those promises with you .. why ?? maybe its because you wanted to keep it a secret .. or maybe just to yourself .. but deep inside you cared .. and by keeping that piece of paper you hope for he / she to come back .. maybe you keep it for the memories .. nobody knows ..

don't ask why i am this way .. cause just a few days ago i was ok .. till i came to pass by .. seeing that everythings ok .. but not me .. i may have my friends and family but i can never have what we used to have anymore .. i thought we had something .. something that couldn't be separated for any reason .. but then all the promises and things we had has to be thrown away cause it has reached its ending point .. this is where hearts are broken and left like that .. they may come back but it might not seem to be what it is ..

Saturday, July 5, 2008

should i give up on cheer ??

i have been waiting for this day to come .. i mean sherlyn is good ( replacement ) but should i leave ? .. is it better for me to leave the cheer squad? ... i have worked so hard and missed a couple of lessons just for cheer and now it ends up like this .. i know exams are coming up soon and i have tons of other things to do but .. just because of my ankle meaning i should give up on everything i have worked on ? .. maybe its for the better .. i don't know yet .. but i am willing to give up cheer if its for the better for me and the squad .. girls if I'm not there I'm sorry for all the bruises that i have cause during our practices and i might not be the best flyer but thanks for being there .. good luck for cheer .. i have to hand in my costume soon so i thought just have a couple of pictures with it before i let it go ..

Friday, July 4, 2008

does your horoscope tells the truth ?

The Bottom Line
If you want to get to the truth today, you have to ask. Unleash your real boldness.
In Detail
You might get annoyed, today, by someone who just can't get to the point! They will be hemming and hawing, flattering and fawning, then cracking jokes. Why? Because they are too afraid to spit it out! It looks like if you want to get to the truth about what they think or what they want, you need to come right out and ask them point blank. They might be surprised by your boldness, but they will probably be relieved that you are ready to hear what they have to say.

haha i wonder whatever it says here is the truth .. xD btw this is todays horoscope & sorry for being so lame :D its just me to be that way .. haha sometimes i wonder whether these stuff are actually true .. oh well lets just leave it that way .. okie back to facts.. i can walk already :P hmmm need to study more .. if i recover soon then cheer 2008 watch out cause this cheerleader is not backing out .. :) goodnight people !!

the greatest mistake

i do admit that i still think about " you know " but at the same time trying to move on .. someone told me that its better being together with someone in total opposite cause he / she is very different from you and that's what keeps you together .. fighting is part of caring .. you know that you do care for that special someone but its just a different way of showing it.. not trying to be emo but I'm trying to face a fact .. well i believe that its never to late to start anything .. whether your learning or its a part of life that we all have to go through .. i may never know what and why you do it but i know everybody does things for a reason .. i bet all of you that i share my thoughts with must get a little bored with me going through this but i have no one else that understands me at all .. this is my little place where i can just express myself so .. whatever i say here stays here .. and it wont change any part of our lives

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

bye bye cheer ..

my sprain ankle T.T

great just great sorry for not blogging for so long yeaa .. was a little busy but now after my little injury i wont be coming to school for 5 days .. goshh it hurts .. anyways this is what happen i went for cyrens .. then we were doing our routine's and stunts and i fell from one of the not so dangerous stunts and although it might sound stupid and funny but i landed in the wrong position that cause my ankle to have a very bad fracture .. haha thanks pui yee and nat for carrying me to the van :D appreciate it .. i was then sent to SJMC and into the emergency room .. and they nearly gave me the JAP gosh ..and i saw so many needles omg .. but i denied it hehe .. then i took x-rays and then went back to school and get my bags .. see the girls and left .. hopefully my angkle will heal till then .. kay I'm gonna take a rest now .. maybe I'll blog later