Thursday, April 30, 2009

why is the moon lonely ?

today i went to sunway again . actually at first went to the office then helped my mom out a lil . went out for lunch which TOTALLY SUCKS !!! im never gonna eat there again . anyways i went and watch x men - origins wolverine !! :D its not bad i'll give it a 8/10 . im not gonna ruin the movie for you so you should watch it .

got one line from the movie . this isnt entirely correct but its something like it

" do you know why the moon is lonely "

" no why "

" well there is this lady named kushinishu she is from the spirit world and her love wolverine "

" there is this guy that was jealous of wolverine so he told him that she loves the wild roses that can only be found on earth "

" but little that he know that once he goes to earth he is out from the spirit world and can never go back "

" and he was her only love "

" knowing the fact that he can never touch her again "

" thats why the moon is lonely "

now im back home . doing nothing again . weeee soo fun . lol xD im being sarcastic with myself . anyways nothing much really happen today . see yeah laterr

mwackxxx ...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the bright yellow dress !

sorry shanon it took so long for me to download pics . got kinda lazy hahaha . anyways here they are . i met him by coincidence haha in mph soo he wanted to camwhore . haven't seen him for a long time though . hmmm I'm sorry yea to my new maz friends . gahhh . looks like I'm changing again . I'm not sure if i can go out with you guys but I'll try yea ? :)

i have been doing errands for my mom for a couple of days already . seems to look like I'm here assistant or something . but soo far i didn't feel like camwhoring . haha see what happens yea ? you know what i came up with the most funny idea . of making my own clothes or bags for fun . well dad wants me to do that as a project sooo for these 2 months that's what I'll be doing hahaha . though i hate sewing soo much but I'm gonna try :D

this is the cause of watching to much of project runway :) . wish me luck ppl . if it turns out to be soo ugly or terrible I'm not gonna display it . well it will be up for voting yea ? later guys !

mwackxx !

Monday, April 27, 2009

i've waited all my life ...

nothing stays forever ,

only the feeling of forever ,

haunts the depth of lost hearts ,

never ending love ,

just a feeling ....

hmmm today felt pretty emo . haha its not the sad emo

just the emo emo . stupid hormones .

anyways :) i will be having a new extended family this coming june / july

only some knows what i mean . ;)

hope they would accept me in . don't wanna be left out .

its like another starting chapter of my book . just a blank page

waiting to start with the first few words .

till then i will be stuck at home . doing absolutely nothing .

that sucks btw . i wanna go to school badly :(

I'm like school sick . haha in a way

see yea ! ... darlings

Saturday, April 25, 2009

you brought so much into my life !

interesting day . i went for srikl's sports day . got to see everyone :) miss you guys tons though . but anyways


you guys make me so proud . told yea you can do it :) . now it is 4 years in a row . love yea lots babes ! to the other houses it was a good try i still think you guys are creative quite close dont cha think?

sorry i dont have much pics taken but i did manage to get this pic by random . :)
haha i was helping out red house here and there putting on ribbons ! :)
this was last year !

so as this one .
well im sorry i didnt manage to stay back till the end . i would love to though . but i had to do some errands with my mom . lol and i was damn happy hehe nobody has broken my record :) haha . i hope it will remain there for well at least 10 years perhaps ? . i wasnt even suppose to come at a last minute but managed to :)
it was great seeing all of you . hope we would keep in touch yea ? :D
anyways update later !
mwackxx !

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Always Come Back To You !

today was a total B to the O with the RED ! gooo REDS !! :) hahaha . anyways you know sometimes parents can be a pain in the neck but they are just doing it for the best for us . i mean i love my mom and dad so much and they then to worry so much about me when I'm totally fine . sometimes i wish they would trust me more in a way . like today my mom comes home saying she feels guilty pulling me out of srikl when i was doing fine there . but still love her tons ! :)

cause in a way i wasted 4 months and might end up graduating later due to the school starting term and bla bla . soo i mean i do admit the school i am in sucks like hell but i met interesting people i guess ? . she wanted the best for me eventhough i was doing well in srikl . parents .

another friend of mine bugging me to work ! haha . lol in a gym . hmmmm still thinking bout it though . tomorrow i have violin classes gahh teacher is so gonna kill me cause i didn't practice . hahaha i forgotten bout practicing . i miss cheer , running and playing volleyball with my mates . i even miss being in red house . miss my friends and everything about the school . but i have to move on now don't i ?

loving every minute of it ..... xoxo's !

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

feel it with your body !

hmmm today went to sunway . bought some stuff and went to see the new building of maz . lol its still not finish . life is pretty boring , hectic , retarded , surprising and soo on . made a couple of calls here and there . currently suffering from boredum . went to the gym to work out the fats . haha oh yea i have pics camwhore time :) just felt like it so i took the most obvious dress that i could find . dont laugh . for your eyes only ;) .

haha i admit i look kinda ridiculous . but anyways just for laughs . srikl's sports day is coming up cant wait to see cheer . :) make me proud reds ! haha . i think i'll be supporting them by wearing ALL REDS !! so i hope i'll be seeing people that i havent been seeing for well a month and some longer . nights !
xoxo's !

Monday, April 13, 2009

i strive from exit to exit

every single time i look at your face . i can tell by the look in your eyes . the way they sparkle and shine . the way you look at me is as if it is the sight of something so precious , delicate , fragile and yet so vibrant . observing each and every inch of beauty . sometimes it kills to wonder how sincere your love towards me . comes to wonder what is actually in your mind .

i want to be the person that you could turn to , share a laugh , face through difficulties , be there when your down , know that no matter how bad i look you know that there is always inner beauty , to know that no matter what you will always be happy with me . that is always hard to come by . because you'll start having doubts . there is no one in this world that is perfect . but it can always be close to perfection .

the oh so crazy people to think that love comes after its first sight . when its actually luring you to something else . when you realize that she's not what your looking for . you haven't come to realize that she has been there for you . her heart that is pure and true . then when you leave and come to think you made a mistake . it becomes to late . so appreciate the moments and if there is a wall breaking you . stay strong and you'll know that she is the one .

haha back to reality . had my bday party 2 days ago . haha it was fun while it lasted and would wanna thank those that manage to attend . haha it was a crazy day . went swimming lol got thrown here and there . myra , pei and i are the three some that had injuries at the legs. haha then i played with myra's crutches . goshh i look retarded when the pao's took a pic of it xD .

more pictures .. COMING SOON ! :)

nights !


Friday, April 10, 2009

there is no one other than you ...

the whole feelings in me change when i started talking to you again . knowing its stupid . knowing I'll just get myself hurt for nothing . maybe its not nothing but i just cant let it go . get myself included in things . i loved you . cared for you . ever since we met i can nvr stop thinking about you . when i thought i mange to get over you . i was so relief but when we talk idk maybe its just me . i get it all back . flashbacks hits me and its all about you and me .
getting myself caught up . unable to get out of it . until you throw me back from where i came from . i don't know whats wrong cause no one has made me feel this way . i have talk to many people and they never made me this way . just leave me be please . i just cant stop myself . from this day forth i have to leave it this way . you can never see it again . this is to my long lost memory . i'll wait at night just to catch a shooting star . make my wish . hope that it comes true .
till then i'll live this life ...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

be that way !

heyy :P sorry bout that small lil pic . dont know why i cant delete it . for some reason . and that was myra's fault . later I'll post one funny video hahaha xD . damn retarded . lol actually i met up with myra in school ( srikl ) then we watch the finals for the drama competition . went out to eat . then came back again to see some friends for awhile .

went to myra's place and played ping pong . wthh i lost xD damn it . hahaa . watch ppl swim haha and was thinking of going swimming early in the morning ( myra's idea ) hahaha . lol then we took he retarded video which I'll be posting later .

hahaha myraa !

I'm gonna bite you

I'm biting you !!

weeeeee ! hahaha ( all at myra's house )
laterr guys ! :P mwackx . and lastly .
happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me
lol myra thinks its sad. anyways
xoxo's !

Sunday, April 5, 2009

he wants to touch me woahh !

yesterday i went to neal and nigel's party .

lol it was great . haven't seen alot of my friends lately . it was so fun though . when i arrive well i got thrown in the pool thanks to ( juan , ter , and some ppl that i didn't realize ) just carry me and throw me in so yea . lol anyways later i went in the house to dry myself up . eat . dance . listen to them have the battle of the bands . truth or dare . dance some more . and dance moree . well it kinda stop until 10 :40 .

I'll get more pictures though . but this is all i have so far . so enjoy :)

just screamm !

happy birthday neal & nigel

blow themm ! * inside joke

my darlings !

cheese !! haha

nigel , steph , krystal , :)

juann !

my twins :) ( birthday boys ! )

nick khoo . bimboo !

zhenn & terr !


Saturday, April 4, 2009

home coming , im coming !

my memories of you are kept in a box . and the memories that I'm gonna make is brought out in the open . I'm creating more memories until its time to put it in that box along with my other memories . when it comes a time for that box to be open i will remind me of what i am and used to be . when the time passes it all changes without notice .

am i that of an angel ?

hehe . i nvr use the word holla before . hmmm HOLLA !!! :D LOL anyways . i followed my mom to do some errand's before going to neal & nigel's party . haha they are old tooo . just like meee . well my time is coming soon anyways .

or a part of the devil ? :)

the hot pink dress is no longer at the store . there's other colours and at 50% discount . but i want the pink one . :( and its either M or L soo it wouldnt fit me anyways . gahhh soo sad . getting ready with a few things then im going off . laterr !!

absolut vodka !

mwackxx ! xoxo's

Thursday, April 2, 2009

home coming !

i was soo random today .
rina , & jisoo

jisoo : hey rina , waitt a minute . why did you come to school today ? i thought you didnt take physics ?

rina : hey . and noo we have bio remember ?

jisoo : lol come lets see the timetable .

* checking , checking and later rina feels like a fool .

rina : ohh , oops . lol .

* ends up staying in school for the whole day .

jisoo : * started laughing

school was okay . i thought i was really gonna die of boredum cause all my form 4 friends are taking the exam . so i was like . great im alone . in the canteen . i'll study i guess . * 10 minutes later . form 5 's ashraf , hakeem and gang appears . heyy rina . what up ? then started talking . later went to the accounting room for the air cond . listen to some songs and played funny games .

later was chased out by mr. balan and soo we went to the park . sit there watch . chat here and there . played more funny games . actually kinda random but well we were bored . soo this continued for awhile then later the form 4''s finishes the exam and i head back to school .

today was sooo stupid cause i reminded the vet that i wanted to stop the bathing for my dog . also told my maid about it so that if she does come at least she can tell her not to . gosh i hate the stupid vet . because of them my dog got some skin allergy . and then he was shaved . -.- soo ugly . but now i have to take care of him .

my poor baby :(