Saturday, May 2, 2009

i got that rock and roll !

hahaha today im suppose to post about andrien !! woooo ( being sarcastic ) ;) haha
meet ANDRIEN !! haha ;P
hmmm the poor guy is sick . get well soon yea ? :D especially with the swine flu going around its better to take more precaution .

so far i see no reason if the person tends to insult me . if you don't like me don't come to my blog ! lol it makes so much sense if you do cause it comes to show that your still interested to see what i blog about and mainly bout me soo if not then GET A LIFE !!

and to all my maz friends ! I'm soo sorry but i hope you've heard the news . but I'll be visiting you guys on the first day of school :P kay so it wouldn't be that bad now wouldn't it ? might bring cupcakes ;) if your lucky haha . remember the days we hang out at the walkway? :P before english . will miss it though .
lets do the balloon face ! :P
oh you know what . i'll be joining the bus again . :) so hello srikl busmates !! hope you'all dont miss me too much haha . ( kidding ! ) anyways thats all i've got for today . nights !
mwackxx ..

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