Sunday, May 31, 2009

charity dinner !

linn :)

fattyy ! (:

loo loo ;)

big bosses !

the day had finally came and wow i had tons of fun . haven't been seeing lots of friends and you know do some catching up within like what 4 hours roughly ? the funny part was when caprice was performing he came to my table and started like rapping / singing to me from the left to the right hahaa super cool xD . though i didn't really ate the food but the rest of the even was great.

ter emoo ! (:

took loads of pictures but the people that has them are still downloading soo i will still re update this post again for more pics yea ? :) enjoy !


JonyBr said...

cool ... everyone looks great in the pic, will wait for updated pics :)

rina said...

lol yeahh . its updated but there will be more coming up