Tuesday, May 26, 2009

im taking back my love !

I'm gonna start baking :) haha I'm soo in the mood of baking , where else cooking ? not so much but i could do that to . might be baking a cake or brownies or tarts . cant make my decision now . ohh and i finished knitting . now have to send it back to the shop cause she still haven't taught me how to hide the tied strings . my purple scarf is done ! but i dont know when I'm ever gonna use it cause its really keeps you warm .

and charity dinner is this coming saturday . haha cant wait to get out of the house . its been super duper boring . other than that I'll be seeing old friends again . lol going for charity dinner makes me feel like an outsider somehow . you know not studying there anymore makes it weird and awkward . its like I'm party crashing or something . that's the reason why I'm kinda hesitated to go . sad isn't it ?

reds cheerleading days (:

well in the mean time im also getting ready to go to school in july and by then my cousins from us will be coming . so many things are up in july i bet i wouldnt have time for you guys or maybe even to blog . anyways toodles im off to eat !

future pilot / cheerleader / dufus 2 / achi !! (:

xoxo's !


JonyBr said...

I am having tea, i wouldnt mind a piece of cake with it :D hehe

rina said...

lol im sure you wouldnt mind xD haha