Sunday, May 24, 2009

i just want to rock and roll !

sorry haven't been blogging for awhile . wasn't in the mood for it . anyways . my cousin came over last night to stay then the following day left for college so didn't had the time to blog . but anyways haha we watched movies last night well they were old ones but it was nice . before that we were looking through the old photo albums of pictures when we're young .

looking back to those days makes you wonder , that was you in the picture . when you compare yourself by looking in the mirror you see a different person , unlike the ones in the pictures . it comes to show that as the time goes everything changes . from the person to personality and the current state of the 21th century .

okayy haha I'm going too far there . now I'm trying to go for knitting haha , i feel like some old grandma xD . I'll take a picture of the end result once I'm done with it . in roughly a couple of days :) . with all the time in the world currently , I'm just spending my time that way till charity dinner comes . haha getting to see my old buddies again . well its fun once in awhile you know .

well that's all i got for today . till next time .

xoxo's !

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