Monday, May 18, 2009

we're the ones that made you !

i havent been blogging for 2 days now . well actually i havent even been online for 2 days . just didnt felt like it . but anyways i visit maz today :) haha they were fun first when i chat with bugsy , deana , fahmi , jade well didnt really have time for the others but i'll promise next time .

i made this tree :)

i miss the days that we spent together ,

it may never be the same as before but you know we still could ,

if you put in as much effort as i do ,

and its all up to you .

haha for the girls enjoy the pics :) lol got nothing much to post today

sorry guys no pics for you xD and im no lesbo haha

i love this pic best though the shot looks awkward ;)

later !



JonyBr said...

And i m no gay, so i ll run away from this post hehehhee

rina said...

haha lol no comment here . :)