Wednesday, May 6, 2009


today there's nothing much to blog about other than the fact that i heard that

MAN UNITED WON 3 - 1 ! :)
i bet athira is damn happy haha

lets see . didn't really do much today thought of going to the gym maybe in the evening . other than that i followed my mom out to do some errands . lol so far its been really boring . getting ready to go to the other school . my life has been pretty much been that way for awhile

oh yeah and i forgotten to say . I'm sorry if i weren't able to text you guys back well phone has been barred due to me being bored i have been using my phone to often to come up to such a big compilation of bills . sooo i hoping it to be solved soon but in the mean time . i would most prefer if you guys call yeah ? :)

i miss my maz friends . though I'm not a full martian like you guys but I'm part of it aren't i ? haha i find the name maz is funny . i told people i was for mars . lol and they thought i was joking xD yesterday dad asked me to go through some cd's to download some very OLD photo's thats bout all i guess :) have fun looking through some of my younger days :D till the next update

try to give a wild guess which one am i :D

later ! mwackxx ....

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