Thursday, April 30, 2009

why is the moon lonely ?

today i went to sunway again . actually at first went to the office then helped my mom out a lil . went out for lunch which TOTALLY SUCKS !!! im never gonna eat there again . anyways i went and watch x men - origins wolverine !! :D its not bad i'll give it a 8/10 . im not gonna ruin the movie for you so you should watch it .

got one line from the movie . this isnt entirely correct but its something like it

" do you know why the moon is lonely "

" no why "

" well there is this lady named kushinishu she is from the spirit world and her love wolverine "

" there is this guy that was jealous of wolverine so he told him that she loves the wild roses that can only be found on earth "

" but little that he know that once he goes to earth he is out from the spirit world and can never go back "

" and he was her only love "

" knowing the fact that he can never touch her again "

" thats why the moon is lonely "

now im back home . doing nothing again . weeee soo fun . lol xD im being sarcastic with myself . anyways nothing much really happen today . see yeah laterr

mwackxxx ...


Xonare said...

Thank you for the quotation from movie, you realy helped me.

I just came back from cinema, it was truly saddest of all x-men movies.

Anyway cheers and thanks again.

rina said...

lol okayy? your welcome . glad i could help :)

Jefferson said...

Hi Rina

please add me on facebook thanks!