Saturday, May 16, 2009

we were once so strong !

so far i only got this . haha im sorry . :) sam ! lol btw i look weird but who cares
sticks and stones will break my bones ,

but words will never harm me .

heard this saying before ? to me no matter what your gonna say to me its not gonna harm me . cause i see no reason in wasting my time on you . i can see you trying you best to annoy me as much as possible but its not working . so i dont see the point in this at all . guest what ? it makes you worst than a retard to do what your doing btw have you look in the mirror and tell me what are you .

i wont forget about us ! :) volleyballers

anyways the start of my day was good :) i got to see most of my old friends in srikl due to their open day today . hang around for awhile and just catch up with friends . it was great to see them all again , truth is i totally miss them . but its okay we'll plan one day to met up ;)

after that i went to the curve to eat at marche . if im not mistaken . the food was okay . :) i give a rating of 6/10 . but i love their mushroom soup :) . later went to 1u to get a present for my brother's friend bday soo since im there i got myself the angels&demons book and shoes . while getting my book i met up with cq :) and i saw anuar too haha . its a win win situation . later got home took a bath , eat and thats about it for the day . i got some pictures but they are currently not with me at the moment . i'll post that later on .



JonyBr said...

Sounds like a creative day :)
I spent mine sleeping which i love the most hehe

So u got angels and demons? k good... i finished all dan brown books long ago, i dont know when a new book is coming

will look forward for the pics :)

rina said...

haha yeah it was . lol pig much :)
idk ppl tell me the book angels&demons is good so we'll see .

haha and dont rub it in i wanted to get the book earlier but couldnt .